How to Leverage Customer Data for Better Results

How to Leverage Customer Data for Better Results

Every business wants to improve customer acquisition and retention in order to facilitate growth and boost ROI. But in order to achieve these results, you need a way to understand your customers, and that means you need access to comprehensive customer data. Comprehensive customer data doesn’t just allow you to understand who your customers are, … Read more

Three Fraud Prevention Techniques

Three Fraud Prevention Techniques

No organization wants to encounter fraud – it could build distrust with your customers or vendors, cause you to have to pay government fines, increase waste, or impact your organization in other harmful ways. And not only do people share large amounts of information online, but businesses also have moved many operations online, making it … Read more

Improve Efficiency and Streamline Your Workflow with API Solutions

Improve Efficiency and Streamline Your Workflow with API Solutions

Regardless of the industry you work in, whether it’s financial services, collections, or legal professionals, you want to provide a seamless experience for your employees and be sure you’re doing everything you can to operate at maximum efficiency. When it comes to big data analytics, maintaining a high-quality reputation while also ensuring smooth operations is an act of juggling … Read more

How Data Can Boost Your Company’s Reputation and ROI

How Data Can Boost Company Reputation and ROI

Running a successful company involves implementing strong processes from beginning to end. You need to understand your customers, vendors, and third-parties in order to ensure you’re keeping your company safe and building a strong reputation. From government, to healthcare, to financial services, and nearly any industry in between, you need a full picture of everything going on in … Read more

Using Investigative Data Platforms for Smarter Document Discovery

Using Investigative Data Platforms for Smarter Document Discovery

by Josh Taylor Smart document discovery means knowing your case inside and out before the documents start trickling in. It’s been quite a while since the last installment of our Guide to Investigative Data series, but the new year (especially one that’s not 2020) is the perfect time to change up your habits and deploy … Read more

5 Marketing Strategy Tips

marking strategy tips

By Chad Sands After I got a haircut one sunny Saturday afternoon when I was a small child, I remember looking up at my mom with big wondrous eyes and saying: “Mom, when I grow up, I want to work in marketing for a legal tech company.”  Actually, that’s not true.  I never said I … Read more

What is a Global Watch List?

global watch list

There are all sorts of ways to reduce a company’s liability and make it more profitable. Even just doing your business due diligence can be extremely beneficial when it comes to maximizing profit. However, one thing many people don’t think about is putting your vendor and customers through a global watch list. Watchlist screening software … Read more

Free Webinar: New Legal Research Tools & Techniques for 2023

New Legal Research Tools 2021

This webinar is now available on-demand. Register here and watch now! With the vast amount of new and easy-to-use technology available for legal research, it’s time for legal professionals to leave traditional and costly legal research solutions in the past. So how do you start taking advantage of new legal research software to help your practice be more cost-effective and efficient? … Read more

Tracers Bar Member Benefits and Partnerships

Tracers Partnerships

Updated 1/7/2021 Tracers investigative research software has not only partnered with a number of new legal technology software vendors but also teamed up with local and state bar associations across the country to offer attorneys and members discounts on Tracers. Here’s a rundown of some of the new partnerships and member benefits programs. If your association … Read more

How to Start a Cold Case Investigation

how to start a cold case investigation

If you’re thinking about becoming a cold case private investigator, you’ll need to know how to do it. Cold cases can be very confusing; there’s a reason the trail’s gone cold, after all. Especially if you’re hoping to utilize your skills for important cases like cold case homicide investigations, you’ll need to hone your skills … Read more