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Fraud Waste and Abuse Detection Software

Managing Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection With Tracers

Preventing fraud, waste and abuse in the medical field is an important part of understanding your company. Especially in the medical field, where procedures routinely cost thousands of dollars, you want to make sure that you’re cutting down on waste in your regular operations and catching health care abuse as early as possible. This extends far beyond the individual; instead, you want to check health care entities that are reporting to you, doctors and nurses you manage, and the organizational structure you’ve set up. Tracers’s tools can help you detect and avoid fraud, waste and abuse.

Improve Medical Billing Procedures

Medical billing procedures can sometimes be very difficult to make your way through. A not-insignificant amount of accidental fraud and waste happens in these areas simply because nurses, doctors and secretaries aren’t quite sure how to make their way through the billing process.

With improved medical billing procedures, you can make it easier for people to submit forms and contact your offices with questions. When you gather the information you need, you can more easily craft a system that puts people at the forefront so each process is as easy as possible.

Confirm Identities

Especially in the health care system, confirming individuals’ identities is paramount. You want to make sure you’re reimbursing the right person for a specific health care procedure. Otherwise, your employees might accidentally contribute to waste by putting information and money where it shouldn’t be.

Additionally, this can be a legal issue. Under HIPAA, you may have to confirm individuals’ identities before you provide access to certain sensitive records, which may include most health care records. When you utilize a public records search engine like the tools available at Tracers, it’s easier to do that every time you transfer information.

Run Searches in Your Preferred Manner

It’s good to be able to run searches in the way that works best for your organization. That’s because the way you run searches matters tremendously. You may need a different method of searching for a large organization over a small one, and that’s why Tracers offers three different methods of searches:

Clearly, there are different ways to search when you’re doing your searches for different reasons. Organizations with thousands of searches per day might want to try batch processing, while organizations that only need a few searches every week could consider individual searches instead.

Connect Data Points With Triangulation Processes

Connecting data points is an important part of the searching process. Do you know you’re getting information about the correct John Smith, or are you instead finding information about someone with the same name and different information? Tracers cuts down on this issue with TracersID.

When you perform searches through TracersID, you can connect many data points in the system using ultra-advanced triangulation processes. These processes ensure that you only get results about a specific person, which you can verify with the pieces of information you already have. That way, you know you’re gathering the proper information when you investigate.

Avoid Fraudulent Payments Before You Make Them

In the health care world, fraudulent payments are one of the most important things to pay attention to. That’s because there are many places that fraudulent payments might occur. Perhaps most upsettingly, it’s fairly common for fraudulent payments to occur not because of malice, but just because of a calculation or clerical error.

If you’re looking to avoid fraudulent payments and stop fraud, waste and abuse, you need to have the best possible tools behind you. That’s why so many health care groups use Tracers’ public records search engine tools to make their organization operate more efficiently and save more money.

"Unlike other providers, we have found that Tracers is much easier to use with friendlier customer service and they provide the ability to store comprehensive reports on a long-term basis."

S L I, Inc.

How Can Tracers Help Stop Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

You won’t be able to stop fraud, waste and abuse overnight. This is a systematic thing, which means you’re going to have to completely change the way the system works if you want to make it function better. Although it’s definitely possible to change the method that you use in your system, it’s not easy. That’s why you need the best tools possible.

Maximizing your fraud, waste and abuse detection is important in the health care system. When you detect these things early, it’s much easier to handle them and then throw them out. Take advantage of the superb tools Tracers offers to uncover and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse.

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