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Background Investigations

Background Investigations Solutions That Suit Your Needs

If you’re conducting a background investigation into someone, you need to make sure you’re doing it in a way that meets all your individual needs. Government agencies may need ultra-thorough background investigations that delve into all sorts of criminal activities, while those trying to minimize corporate risk may just need a background investigation that returns potentially dangerous information about a person. No matter what types of background investigations solutions you’re looking for, here’s what a people search can do for you.

Performing Your Background Check On the Right Person

Above all else, you need to make sure you’re doing your background check on the right person. It doesn’t matter how many records a company can pull if those records come from the wrong people. Plus, if you use incorrect information about an individual, you may be opening yourself up to legal trouble in the future. Having a people search engine that cross-references all your information ensures that you only get information about the person you’re looking for.

  • A background check is only as good as the information the company uses for the background check.
  • Getting the right information is an important part of running a background check on anyone.
  • You should make sure the people search you’re using verifies someone’s identity through cross-checking and other internal measures.

Finding Records From Many Different Sources

In many cases, it’s not enough to just use records from one source. That’s one of the reasons some people request background checks from multiple companies. If these companies use different sources for information, the background checks may turn up different information. When you’re looking for a location to handle your background investigations, you need to make sure it’s gleaning these records from a variety of different places.

  • More records are always better, especially when you’re trying to make sure you get the full picture.
  • The more records a single people search pulls from, the better your final report will be.
  • If you’re looking for quality background investigations solutions, you need to make sure you’re getting your information from a quality people search.

Conducting a Full Profile of Your Subject

An important component of choosing a people search is in the final presentation. Sure, you could probably go through the internet and request public records for your own needs, but you’ll end up with a difficult-to-read variety of records that doesn’t work together very well. Ideally, your public search engine should give you all the need-to-know information about your subject, including an easy-to-read profile at the end of your search.

  • Creating a full profile of a subject requires that you have the right information and a framework in which to put it.
  • You can’t have a well-designed platform without good information, but good information without a great platform can still fail.
  • User-friendliness should be one of the things you pay the most attention to when considering which people search engine to use.

Reducing Risk in Companies and Communities

Why should you be doing a background investigation in the first place? At its most basic, a background investigation can help you reduce risk in companies and communities. Reducing your corporate risk or communicating with law enforcement can be an important part of making sure you and the people around you stay safe. Getting the right information on your own terms through a people search can help you reduce your risk.

  • Risk reduction strategies should be an important part of any company or community’s end goal.
  • When you have the information you need, you can reduce risk in many different situations, whether corporate or individual.
  • A people search engine that offers you easy-to-use information can help you reduce your own risk.

    “We are VERY impressed by the searching! In fact, it is sensory overload. I just faxed in 6 more users. That’s all of our Cyber Unit. Thanks again for this GREAT service saving children!”

    Sr. Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Special Agent, Cyber Crime Unit

    aWhat Can Tracers Bring to the Table for Background Investigations?

    Tracers has information you can access through individual searches or through a simple API system, making it easy for you to get information you need on your terms. With billions of records for millions of American adults, Tracers gives you the resources you need to keep your community safe.

    From law firms to licensed investigators, there are many people who can use the high-quality data available at Tracers. If you want to get a comprehensive understanding of the people around and in your company or community, Tracers data can help you stay safe and aware of what’s going on in your world. Premium data should always be your number one concern. The pointer data provided by Tracers needs to be confirmed by the user and cannot be used for an FCRA purpose.

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