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Background investigations solutions that suit your needs

If you’re conducting background research into someone, whether it’s a police background investigation or a moderate risk background investigation, you need to make sure you’re getting information that meets all your individual needs. A government agency may need ultra-thorough background investigation software that delves into all sorts of criminal records, while corporations or financial services doing vendor risk assessment may just need a background investigation that returns potentially concerning information about a person. No matter what types of background investigation solutions you’re looking for, a public and private records database can help you find exactly what you need and what you’re looking for.

Perform a search for the right person for background investigation companies

The first and most important part of a background investigation is making sure you’re doing it on the right person. It doesn’t matter how many records background investigation companies can pull if those records are for the wrong individual. If you use incorrect information about an individual, you may be exposing yourself to legal trouble in the future. To avoid legal trouble and ensure you’re only getting information about the person you’re looking for, use investigative research software that cross-references all your information for identity verification

  • A background investigation is only useful if you’re getting accurate information for the right person. 
  • Records can get mixed up, and you may run into legal trouble if you pull the wrong records.
  • To get the right records in a background investigation, use a public and private records database that cross-checks records and uses other internal measures for identity verification.

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Find records for background investigators from a variety of sources

In many cases, it’s not enough to just use records from one source. That’s why some people request background investigations from multiple background investigation companies. When these companies pull records from different sources, they may turn up different information. When you’re looking for a background investigation service to handle your investigations, use a platform that gleans records from a variety of different places.

  • If you’re trying to get a more complete picture of someone’s background, more records are better than fewer.
  • The more sources a single people search pulls from, the more comprehensive and accurate your final report will be.
  • If you’re looking for quality background investigation solutions, use investigative data software that pulls records from multiple sources.

Background investigations that provide a full profile of your subject

An important component of choosing a background investigation service search is in the final presentation. You could search through the Internet or request public records from courts.  However, you’ll end up with a variety of difficult-to-read reports that may not be relevant. Instead, you should use a public and private records database that gives you all the important information you need about your subject in one easy-to-read profile.

  • Creating a full profile of a subject requires that you have the right information and a framework in which to put it.
  • You can’t have a well-designed background investigation platform without good information, but good information without a well-designed platform isn’t particularly useful either.
  • To get the most useful background investigation report possible, choose a user-friendly public and private records database that pulls comprehensive information into one accessible profile.

Implement a background investigation process to reduce risk in companies and communities 

Why should you be doing a background investigation in the first place? At its most basic, a background investigation can help you reduce risk in your company or community and make sure the people around you stay safe.  Background investigations provide you with information about someone’s criminal records and other past behavior. With this information, you can identify individuals that are at higher risk and take all necessary precautions. To get this information, use the best skip trace service and identify any risky individuals quickly and easily. 

  • Risk reduction should be an important part of any company or community’s end goal.
  • When you have information about past criminal or risky behavior, whether it’s corporate or individual information, you can address that risk properly,
  • A public and private records database that offers comprehensive information spanning back decades can help you identify and reduce your own risk.

How can Tracers help with background investigations?

Tracers has the information you can access through individual searches, batch processing, or API integration. This makes it easy for you to get the information you need on your terms. With billions of records for millions of adults in the United States, Tracers gives you the resources you need to perform background investigations and keep your community safe.

From legal professionals to licensed investigators, there are many people who can use the high-quality data available through Tracers background records software. If you want to get a comprehensive understanding of the people around and in your company or community, Tracers data from exclusive background software is the solution.

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More information

What is a background investigation?

A background investigation is a search into someone’s records to understand who an individual is and to verify the identity.

What do I need to perform a background investigation?

You’ll need access to a public and private records database and to make sure you’re doing your background investigation on the right person. Having investigative research software that provides identity verification by cross-checking all your information ensures that you only get information about the person you’re looking for.

What does a background investigation reveal?

A background investigation provides you with a full profile of your subject. With a public search engine, you can get all the need-to-know information about your subject, including an easy-to-read profile at the end of your search. It also will help reduce your risk in companies and communities by providing you with the necessary information to make sure the people around you stay safe.

What do I need to perform my own background investigation?

To perform a background investigation, you’ll need access to a public and private records database. When you’re looking for a location to handle your background investigations, you need to make sure it’s gleaning these records from a variety of different places. A people search engine like Tracers has the information you can access through individual searches or through a simple API solution, making it easy for you to get the information you need on your terms.