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Fraud Investigation Software

#1 Software powering fraud investigations for legal professionals

If a business is dealing with fraud, that’s a significant problem. It’s so significant that if an owner or manager suspects serious fraud, instead of contacting an accountant, they’re likely to contact an attorney first. If you’re a legal professional dealing in fraud investigations, you know how much research and time this requires. What if you could cut down the amount of time you spend on your fraud investigations? Here are a few ways a public records search engine can maximize your fraud investigations.

Locate people who might have information with a fraud investigation management software

In fraud investigations, you need to talk to as many people as you possibly can. These investigations rely heavily on learning information from people. Although records are, of course, an important part of proving that fraud happened, talking to people who might have insider information will lead you to the truth more quickly. You can find people’s contact information and location using a public records search engine.

  • When you’re doing a fraud investigation, you need to talk to as many people about the fraud as you can.
  • Skip tracing is an important tool if you’re trying to find people who might have information about fraud.
  • The right public records search engine, with features like phone appends and address search, will help you get in contact with anyone who could give you information.

Get a financial fraud investigation software to deep dive into the business

When performing your fraud investigation, you can’t just talk to people who might have knowledge of the potential fraud. In fact, if you’re able to dive deep enough into the business, you might be able to uncover records that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that fraud is happening at some point in the business’s line. Using a legal research software, you can create a full picture of the business you’re investigating, fraud and all.

  • Fraud often shows up in a business’s official records, even if the company tries to keep it as low-profile as possible.
  • If you’re able to look into a business’s records, you may be able to pinpoint the source of fraudulent activity.
  • With a quality public records search engine, you can lay out a clear picture of the business you’re researching.

Find hints of fraud you might otherwise miss using a fraud investigation software

Some businesses make it pretty easy to discover the fraud you’re trying to uncover. However, certain businesses actually do a very good job of covering up fraud. In these cases, you’re going to need to do a better job of discovering hints of fraud you might miss if you weren’t paying close attention. That can mean going through assets with an asset search, CEO and managerial backgrounds, and much more, which you can get through a public records search engine.

  • Paying close attention to small indications of fraud will help you tackle fraud in a business you’re investigating.
  • Mapping out small indications of fraud often requires that you have access to lots of information.
  • Utilizing a public records search engine will help you get that information without having to do a lot of your own work.

Automate your fraud investigations

Investigations inherently require a pretty significant amount of personal work. Although you can’t totally automate a fraud investigation, you can definitely automate parts of it. For example, you can run all of a company’s employees through batch processing to get additional information about those employees, making it easier for you to contact each person without having to research them individually. That automation can really improve your firm’s results.

  • Automation can make your job much easier, even if you’re not able to automate everything fully.
  • Investigations can often benefit from automation, especially if you’re investigating a huge company.
  • If you’re looking for an easier way to perform fraud investigations, look for a public search engine that offers automation options.

Using Tracers data to perform fraud investigations more easily

There are a lot of things you can do to uncover potential fraud, and most of it requires a lot of information. If you have that information, an investigation may be easier for everyone. Tracers data, which covers millions of American adults, is the best way for your firm to expand its ability to perform fraud investigations.

When you use Tracers data for fraud investigations, you can help companies mitigate their corporate risk. That includes investigations into fraud that already happened and helping companies restructure to avoid fraud in the future. Use Tracers data through the Tracers website or a partner company to investigate, root out, and avoid fraud in all sorts of corporations.

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