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Licensed investigators have difficult and complex jobs. It’s common for licensed investigators to only have a small amount of information, like a name or phone number, then have to use that information for skip tracing, to perform an asset search or address search, or learn more about a case in general — which requires a high level of skill. However, if you’re looking to make the job a little easier, use a public and private records database. Here are a few ways Tracers investigations services can help you get better results for your investigations.

Private investigator tools to help you solve cases faster

Private detectives need powerful data if they’re going to do powerful things with it. A public records search that offers billions of records covering millions of American adults and is fast, reliable, and accurate is the best way to get that data.

From consumer data to public records data to hidden asset data and beyond, you need access to the highest-quality and most comprehensive data to perform successful and efficient investigations. Tracers, which is the leading aggregator of consumer and public records data and was voted the #1 data provider for private investigators, provides you with that expansive and reliable information.

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Tailored, personalized private investigator reports

Personalization is an incredibly important quality to look for in an investigative search engine. If you have a high-quality source of data, it still won’t be particularly useful if you’re not able to pick and choose what pieces of information you receive from that source of data.

The ability to personalize your results is exactly why private detectives choose Tracers private investigator software over using only OSINT or data from our competitors. From a Tracers report menu, you can specify the category of report you want and the data you want it to contain, then get a comprehensive and easy-to-read report for your database investigation. Plus, you can choose how to look up the report so you’re using the tools you feel most comfortable with.

Private investigator research tools & search logic for easier discovery

When it comes to searching for a source with billions of records, it’s easy to be concerned that you won’t be able to find the information you’re looking for quickly. You may also be concerned that it’ll be difficult to get the accurate records you’re interested in, rather than records that don’t actually pertain to the right individual.

Advanced search logic is the answer to this problem. By sorting these records using an advanced search system, Tracers is able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date records in very little time. And, Tracers uses multiple points to match records — for example, multiple credit header bureaus — to help ensure that you’re getting the right records for the right individual.

Best tools for a private investigator

In any investigation, whether it’s a cold case investigation, fraud detection and investigation, or a forensic investigation, it often takes a long time for private investigators to track people down and gather information. It can take hours, days, and even weeks to connect one person to another person, or to track down an individual or missing persons so you can talk to them. However, if you’re able to shorten this time span, it’ll not only make the job easier for you, but it’ll also help you bring in more profits. 

With the optimized searching and investigation tools, you can find at Tracers, you’ll be able to search in the best way for your investigation and find the information you need in less time.  You can choose to run searches in a variety of ways:

A cost-effective private investigator software

Cost is, of course, an important part of deciding what tools you’re going to use for your business. A small private investigation agency won’t usually be able to use the same tools that a government agency uses because these tools are usually out of that business’s price range. However, what if you were able to use the same tools that a government agency has access to for a price that fits your budget?

Tracers provides you with the same searching tools that giant corporations, law enforcement agencies, and government agencies all use. You can discover more about people in the easiest way possible, whether you’re working as a freelance investigator or you’re with an investigative agency — all at a price you can afford 

What kinds of data can Tracers help with?

Tracers data encompasses a wide variety of options. Here are just a few of the different types of data Tracers provides:

All this data is essential for licensed investigators and private detectives to perform effective investigations, and you can access it from any device, anywhere you want. Easy access to comprehensive and reliable data is just one reason Tracers is the #1 data provider for private investigators. Get started with Tracers today and see for yourself why so many investigation agencies rely on Tracers to gather the information they’re looking for.

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More information

What databases do private investigators use?

Private investigators use a number of detective tools and software databases (like a public records search engine) to help locate people, assets, and other information they are looking for. A public records search engine is filled with billions of points of data from multiple sources that allow private investigators to search in one place to complete their work.

Who can use private investigator software?

As a licensed private investigator, you are able to get access to private investigator software by submitting an application and going through a credentialing process. After you are approved, you get access and the ability to search public and private records. This data and private investigative tools help save time and allow investigators to find the information they need in one place.

What does private investigator software reveal?

Deceased records, identity verification and authentication, background checks, and even forensic evidence are all examples of information the best private investigator software reveals. Private investigative tools that access both public and private records databases reveal more detailed information and data that isn’t always available in other resources.