Tips on Buying Investigative Research Software

buying investigative research software

Whether you are running a team of highly skilled attorneys or collections agents, working as a private investigator, or overseeing the local branch of law enforcement, the more efficient you are, the more successful you are. One of the biggest contributors to success is alleviating busy work and expediting research with the help of software. What’s the best solution? Investigative research … Read more

What is Credit Header?

what is credit header

When you’re looking for more information about a customer or vendor, there are a number of pieces of information you might need to find. Credit header data is a great way to gather a significant amount of knowledge on a specific client or vendor, which can make it easier to move forward in your professional … Read more

New Searches & Tracers Product Updates – Sept 2020

Tracers Product Updates

For over two decades, our customers have been the core of Tracers. It is our customers’ feedback and feature requests that drive us to improve our software and platform every day, which is why we’re excited to announce a number of enhancements and new searches. With millions of points of new data updated monthly, Tracers … Read more

What is Due Diligence?

due diligence

Due diligence has become somewhat of a buzzword for entrepreneurs and business owners these days, and for good reason. Though it may seem like a fluffy or vague term, due diligence actually has a specific but widely applicable meaning. It is a way of taking care of customers and keeping your business safe. What is … Read more

What are Pacer Court Records?

pacer court records

Court records are incredibly useful sources of information about the people they pertain to. Case and docket information can be used to form an understanding of an individual’s character and past movements. They can also be key in tracing an individual who is determined to avoid detection (for example, someone trying to skip out on … Read more

What Is Data Enrichment?

what is data enrichment

As you learn more about how you can effectively use data in building your company, you might run across the term “data enrichment.” To someone who hasn’t done a lot of work in the realm of data (like skip tracing)  this can be a confusing term. However, it’s also clearly an important part of effectively using … Read more

TechnoLawyer Names Tracers in “Top Products of 2020”

TechnoLawyer Top 10 Products Tracers

TechnoLawyer, one of the leading legal technology communities consisting of over 12,000 members, has released its annual “Top 10 Products of the Year” awards with Tracers making the list for 2020. Winners are chosen by TechnoLawyer subscribers based on their engagement and interest throughout the year on a number of products that “genuinely attracted the … Read more

Tracers Voted #1 Database for Private Investigators

Best Database for Private Investigators’s survey of over 400 private investigators discovered that Tracers was chosen as number one private investigator database by 87.2 percent of respondents. The next best database came in at 32.7 percent, which gives Tracers a substantial lead over the competition. When asked what data providers they consider the most accurate, out of 450 people surveyed, 264 … Read more

What Is Right-Party Contact?

what is right party contact

One of the most important elements of managing your business is maintaining right-party contact through all of your business dealings. Although right-party contact can be difficult to manage, it’s also something you need to prioritize. The problem is that many people don’t know how to maintain right-party contact for their business. Right-party contact can be … Read more

6 Reasons to Use a Paid Search Service (Instead of a Free One) to Find Real Estate Records

Find Real Estate Records

When an attorney or real estate investor is trying to find out who owns a particular property, discover the assessed value, or find the legal description, the tax assessor database can be a helpful source – especially if that information is available online. Most, but not all, communities have created databases and uploaded property documents … Read more