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Tax Refund Identity Fraud Software

How Can Your Agency Minimize Tax Refund Identity Fraud?

Even though it might not happen very often, tax refund identity fraud is still an important thing to pay attention to. After all, even having it happen once is too many times. You should do everything you can to avoid tax refund identity fraud, especially because it can impact many people who rely on their tax refund to pay off big bills and make large purchases. The best way to avoid tax refund identity fraud is to bring Tracers’ public records search engine tools into your department’s toolbox.

Provide Tax Refunds to the Right People

At the core of this issue is making sure you only give tax refunds to the people who filed the tax return. Although this may sound like an easy thing to do, it can actually be quite difficult. You need to make sure you’re sending tax refunds back to the people who requested them, and contacting them if there’s a problem.

From making sure you’re sending tax refunds to the right people to gathering background information if you have a problem, Tracers makes this process much easier than it could be. With Tracers, you have much less to worry about when you’re issuing tax refunds.

Avoid Busywork

Nobody wants to do unnecessary busywork. However, if you haven’t upgraded your systems to the newest options, it’s likely that you’re still doing busywork that’s no longer really necessary. How certain are you that all your busywork is 100% necessary still?

You don’t have to do as much busywork when you have Tracers, especially if you’re using batch processing or the API process. With these options, you can essentially have Tracers do all the work for you without having to offer a lot of input. That’s a great way to minimize your busywork and the busywork for your employees.

Obtain Information in the Way That Suits Your Agency

Obtaining information in your preferred way is an important part of making sure you have all the right information. Even if you have a great database, it can still hinder you if you’re not able to personalize it so that you can gather information more personally. Tracers offers three options for searching:

These three options allow you to choose whichever style of searching you want, so you can customize your Tracers experience to better suit your needs. With these options, it’s easier for you to verify identities and avoid tax refund identity fraud every day.

Mitigate Your Yearly Risk

Typically, people submit their tax documents in April, which means the government typically pays out in late April and early May. Although this is a yearly engagement, which means you’re probably financially prepared for it, it also means that every year there’s a space of time during which you can make a lot of mistakes.

That means when this frantic and hectic time comes around, you need to be able to mitigate the risk that’s likely to happen. You can do that by using Tracers to avoid human error, process rebates faster with no issues, and verify individuals’ identities so there isn’t any tax refund identity fraud.

Minimize Identity Fraud in General

Taxes are rife for identity fraud as a whole. You always want to make sure you’re only accepting and receiving tax documents from the people they purportedly belong to. When you do that, you can minimize identity fraud and more effectively report it when it happens.

Tracers isn’t just useful for tax refund identity fraud. It’s also useful for when you’re trying to get more information about someone’s identity as a whole. Whether you’re investigating an individual or you’re working with law enforcement for potential legal concerns, Tracers provides a variety of useful tools for your department.

"Before Tracers, I had to log in at a desktop to obtain investigative data. Now I can log on anywhere I can get internet. Many times investigators are doing surveillance away from their desktops and they can use their phones to perform searches."

Mark Jenkins
Department of Veteran Affairs

Why Is Tracers the Best Option for Avoiding Tax Refund Identity Fraud?

Tax refund identity fraud is a difficult thing to avoid entirely. After all, fraud is going to happen in any industry. However, it can be much more devastating when it comes through a tax refund because some people rely heavily on their tax refunds. Tracers is the best way to avoid it because it’s such a thorough solution.

With Tracers’ software, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to determine whether you’re paying out tax refunds to the right people. TracersID and other Tracers tools make it easy for you to decide whether an individual is a real person or just pretending.

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