What Is a People Search Service?

What is a People Search Service

Between phone appends and address history searches, a people search service is the best way to find out more about your users, customers and vendors. Here’s everything you should know about using a people search service. What is a people search service? In simplest terms, a people search service helps you find more information about people. For example, … Read more

What Is a People Search API?

What is a People Search API

A people search API is a great way to access a different company’s people search functionality from your own system. An API makes it easier for developers to integrate another company’s tools into their own framework.  This means when you use the tools from a people search API, you can run a real people search … Read more

What Is Fast Batch Processing?

What is Fast Batch Processing

Batch processing, (similar to batch skip tracing) refers to any way you might process a large amount of data. When it comes to information about people, batch processing typically refers to any method of data building where you put in a list of individuals, then receive the same list with added data. However, batch processing can be … Read more