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Software to Authenticate Businesses

Authenticate businesses for evidence

If you’re a legal professional hoping to bring information about a business into a legal trial, whether to defend your client or cast aspersions on the other party, there’s a pretty significant process you have to go through. Instead of having to make an appointment with a records custodian and authenticate records in court, you may be able to use a public search engine to authenticate your records, or at least partially authenticate them. Here are some ways you can use a legal research software to help you in court.

Use social media posts as evidence with a business authentication software

Did your client post something on Instagram that could help you avoid legal repercussions? Did the party you’re up against make a Facebook post that could complicate their narrative? Even if most individuals would acknowledge that these posts belong to the business in question, the burden of proof is often higher in court, which means you’ll likely have to authenticate them before you bring them to the court. With the best legal research software, the authentication process can be made easier with a social media search.

  • Social media can sometimes be an important player when you’re trying to exonerate or convict someone.
  • To bring social media posts as evidence, you have to go through an authentication process that shows they’re genuine.
  • A public records search engine can help you authenticate these social media records more quickly and easily.

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Perform a business records search and offer receipts and cell phone records to the court

A business requires a lot of people to keep it running. If you’re trying to prove someone’s unethical dealings in a company they officially have nothing to do with, you need to connect them on your own. How are you going to connect an individual to a business when that business’s official sources deny any connections? One way you can make the connection is to look through legal business filings, skip tracing, and phone appends with a public records search engine.

  • It’s not always easy to connect an individual to a business, especially if they deny their personal involvement.
  • One way to connect the two is to look at legal documents, which come with legal issues if a company lies on them.
  • Uncovering information from a legal document is much easier with a public search engine because you can look for those documents on your own time.

Authenticating business records to make sure they match up

How sure are you that you have the correct records? Unfortunately, there are many ways for people to fake records. This is one of the reasons courts require authentication processes the way they do. It helps guard against perjury from falsified documents. Even if you weren’t aware that a document was falsified, you can still get in serious legal trouble for presenting a falsified document. Business authentication can help you double-check your business records.

  • Making sure you have the right records is an extremely important facet of presenting the proper records in court.
  • You should always check your records through a third party instead of blindly trusting a client.
  • With a public search engine, you’ll be able to check your records in a way the court more thoroughly approves of.

Craft a comprehensive profile report with a software to authenticate businesses

If you’re looking to get more information about a business as a whole, a full profile report may be the way to go. This can authenticate businesses on a more meta level, giving you more information about a business’s background, associated businesses, and court records associated with that business. Although it may not contribute to individual pieces of evidence, this report can help you understand more about a business’s inner workings.

  • Before you authenticate individual pieces of evidence, it’s often helpful to have a picture of the business behind it.
  • Whether you’re looking at the opposing party or your own, a comprehensive profile report can give you extremely important information.
  • With a public records search engine, it’s easier for you to get a snapshot of the company you’re looking at.

How can Tracers help you authenticate businesses in your legal firm?

Legal firms need to authenticate businesses and business information for many reasons. Whether you’re working to manage corporate risk or you’re working alongside law enforcement to prosecute a business, Tracers data can help you get the information you’re looking for.

With over 129 million corporate records and 44 million DBA/FBN records, Tracers is the only place you need to go for information about businesses. You can trust Tracers data to help keep your community safe and to help you win your cases.

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For information about how we collect, store and use your personal data, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.