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Property Tax Fraud Software

Avoid Property Tax Fraud With the Tools at Tracers

There are many ways in which property tax fraud can occur. Someone may underestimate the value of a property, thereby drastically decreasing the amount of tax they pay, or just lie on their tax forms. However, no matter how an individual commits property tax fraud, it still has a definite impact on the community and the local government, which means the government often prosecutes it. With the public records search engine at Tracers, it’s easier to root out and avoid property tax fraud.

Uncover Individuals’ Connections

Discovering connections is an important part of uncovering property tax fraud. For example, if someone is related to a value assessor in the area, the person could request a favor from the other, leading to an assessed property tax value that’s actually much lower than the value of the home.

However, these connections tend to be downplayed, especially if you make it obvious that you’re looking into whether any property tax fraud occurred. Instead of asking around or looking for someone to confirm the relationship, you can use Tracers to show the relationship to you.

Make Collections Easier

Once you’ve confirmed that property tax fraud did occur, that account then moves to collections. However, what happens if the individual, upon receiving the collections notice, suddenly leaves without giving any information about where they went? Don’t worry; in this situation, Tracers still has plenty of options.

With Tracers, you have access to a suite of skip tracing tools that you can use even if you don’t typically handle collections or skip tracing. With these tools, it’s easier to learn where the person may have gone and how you can get in contact with them now.

Obtain Information in the Best Way for You

There are plenty of ways that you can obtain information about someone you might think is committing property tax fraud. Whether you have a significant amount of evidence or you’re only just starting your investigation, you should consider one of the three methods of gathering evidence that Tracers offers:

As you might imagine, each of these are most useful for a specific situation. Batch processing, for example, is great when you want to get small amounts of information about a number of people at once. Individual searches, on the other hand, works better when you want to delve into one person more deeply.

Recover Debt More Effectively

At the end of the day, recovering a debt is an important part of the issue. When you’re handling property tax fraud, remember that it’s possible to make mistakes, and it’s also possible to commit fraud intentionally. Either way, you need to recover the debt that an individual owes on a property.

With property taxes, the road to recovery can sometimes be difficult. Someone may pay many thousands of dollars on a specific property. No matter how you intend to collect on those taxes, it’s a good idea to research the person behind it with Tracers so you’re able to approach them on equal footing.

Make Property Tax Payment Easier for Everyone

Nobody likes paying taxes. It’s one of the things that taxpayers dread, and the government can have a difficult time processing. However, when you have property records and past addresses available at the drop of a hat, it can be much easier to guide taxpayers through property tax payment.

Ideally, you want to use tools that make government processing easier for people. That includes public servants, government organizers, and taxpayers alike. The best way to make it easier for you to identify and fix property tax fraud, as well as make it easier for taxpayers to pay their property taxes, is to use Tracers.

"Before Tracers, I had to log in at a desktop to obtain investigative data. Now I can log on anywhere I can get internet. Many times investigators are doing surveillance away from their desktops and they can use their phones to perform searches."

Mark Jenkins
Department of Veteran Affairs

Work With a Company That Knows How to Handle All Industries

It’s important that you trust the company you utilize for your searching needs. After all, why would you work with a company that you don’t trust? The good news is that Tracers is a longstanding master in the field of searches, no matter what industry. Tracers has options for all these industries:

Plus, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Tracers’ software works with companies from all industries, including government agencies, and that makes it uniquely qualified to provide services if you’re looking to uncover property tax fraud. This is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a new way to rejuvenate their government department.

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