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Enhance Your Understanding of an Individual With Address History Search

Learning more about someone is a long and oftentimes difficult process. If you’re interested in looking into someone’s history, one thing you might choose to look at is the person’s address history. Although this is an often-overlooked option for people looking into an individual’s history, it can actually give you significant insight into a person’s background. Why should you consider address history searches? Consider these benefits of an address history that can help you do better in your background verification searches.

Uncovering a Person’s Past

By doing some investigation into a person’s address history, you’re getting a lot of information about that person’s past. An address history can give you access to a lot of information, but it’s especially helpful if you’re trying to understand more about where that person lived and worked across their life. Getting your address history from a public records search engine gives you access to lots of information about that person’s past, potentially for decades.

  • Address histories allow you to paint a more full picture of an individual, which can be very beneficial.
  • When you get information about a person’s past, you’re going to learn more about that person’s tendencies and life.
  • Make sure you utilize a strong public records search engine so you’re getting the right historical address information.

Verifying Someone’s Identity

Identity verification is an extremely important thing for many businesses. Address history can be a useful way to do identity verification because a person’s extremely likely to memorize their addresses, whereas a faker is extremely unlikely to have address information stretching years or decades back. Getting address information through a public records search engine can help you succeed in verifying an individual’s identity.

  • If you’re looking for a way to verify someone’s identity, address histories could provide you with a useful and simple option.
  • Identity verification with an address history is not only simple but often works extremely well in everyday situations.
  • You should always make sure you have accurate address history information through a public records search engine for identity verification using past addresses.

Predicting Where They’ll Go Next

One of the best reasons to utilize an address history is because of skip tracing. When you’re skip tracing, you need to have an extensive knowledge of someone’s address history so you can attempt to predict where that person will go next. If you know enough about address history, you may be able to draw conclusions about the person’s next move. Getting extensive address history through a public records search engine can facilitate easier skip tracing.

  • Skip tracing isn’t easy, and it’s something many people have a difficult time going through with.
  • A useful method of skip tracing is to start with an individual’s historical address information.
  • When you have address history through a public records search engine, you can extrapolate future addresses.

Knowing You Have the Full Story

What’s better than being able to comfortably assume that you have the full story regarding a specific individual? That’s why many people utilize public records search engines when they have a question about a person. Whether you’re doing it to track down collections accounts or you’re involved in a legal investigation, getting all of this information is important. An address history through a public records search engine will give you the full story as easily as possible.

  • Getting the full story on an individual is extremely important, and that story includes a person’s address history.
  • Being able to rest easy in the knowledge that you have someone’s full story is an important part of a background investigation.
  • Utilizing a public records search engine for your background investigations will give you the full story as easily as possible.

“Your service has made my effectiveness as a Police Investigator much better. I've been using it on a Cold Case Murder and tracking down numerous witnesses from 45 years ago, including finding a John Smith numerous states away. I LOVE IT!”

Dennis Kearns
Keego Harbor Police Dept

“We are VERY impressed by the searching! In fact, it is sensory overload. I just faxed in 6 more users. That’s all of our Cyber Unit. Thanks again for this GREAT service saving children!”

Sr. Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Special Agent, Cyber Crime Unit

“I can personally attest to Tracers success in locating and effectively arresting 4 people for outstanding felony warrants, just in this short time. Thank you - often time the people I look for don’t have an updated driver’s license address which leads to wasted time and not being able to locate relatives - your product has filled that gap and I can’t thank you enough!”

Corporal Jonathan A. Lindsay
State Police

What Can Tracers Do to Maximize Your Background Verification?

When you perform background investigations on an individual, you want to know that you’re getting the best information in the easiest way. Many people who perform background investigations don’t think about the information they’re using, which can negatively impact the results. If you want the best possible results from your background investigations, you should use Tracers.

With Tracers, you can get access to over 43 billion records from over 6,000 sources, where you can perform instant searches with an easy-to-use web portal or an API. Tracers provides 40-year address history, with ranked up-to-date Social Security Number verification and address records. Those records can give you some significant insight into your subject, whether you’re looking into an insurance claim, doing legal work, or just helping a company manage corporate risk.

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