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Cloud-based Legal Research Software for Every Practice Area

Legal professionals need access to lots of data. As a legal professional, you’re probably used to being required to gather lots of data and perform searches, like asset searches, to support your clients. Some of that data you can get directly from your clients, but some of it, you’ll have to gather yourself. When you’re trying to gather your own information, you should use a legal research software like Tracers. With Tracers, you can bolster your legal opportunities in many different ways.

Use a law research software to gather data and build a stronger case

You might have enough data to build a decent case, but what about a case that will really impress your clients? If you don’t have enough data, you won’t be able to build a great case. That means you need a method of gathering data that can truly impress the people around you.

With Tracers’ legal software program, you have access to over 42 billion public records, giving you information about almost every American adult. This makes it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for, even if it would usually be hidden behind a huge variety of obstacles.

    Get search options for all your needs with the best legal software

    Getting the right search options is an important part of finding the right records engine. You need a search engine that will cater to your needs, not one that requires you to change the ways in which you run your business.

    The good news is, you can use Tracers data in a variety of ways:

    Plus, you can use advanced search options to uncover the records you’re looking for in the minimum required amount of time.

    Use a legal software to uncover connections and histories

    In law, connections are everything. You may be looking for someone who can testify on the witness stand, someone who owes your client money, or someone whose property has been forfeited. No matter why you’re looking for someone, however, there’s one thing they all have in common: they’re all somehow connected to the people you’re working for.

    When you’re looking for more information about someone’s background and connections, you can turn to a law office software like Tracers. Whether you want to know more about an individual’s criminal past or you just need to find someone to verify pieces of testimony, those pieces of information can be vital. Tracers provides you with the data to do just that.

    Get legal software systems with scalable solutions that work

    A small family law firm isn’t going to need the same type of solutions that a giant government agency is going to need. The thing is, there are many solutions that treat all businesses the same and require that they all work similarly to each other to utilize their services. The thing is, this just won’t work.

    When you use Tracers, you get to use scalable solutions instead. Do you need thousands of searches per day? Tracers’ law management software can help set you up with the right options. Are you searching for just a few people per week? You can access an opportunity that works for you.

    Special options for your firm

    There are some instances where you might need to use special options from Tracers. Here are a few of the special record-fetching services Tracers can help you with.

    Skip tracing

    This is one of the most frustrating parts of legal work. Skip tracing is often essential in legal cases, but that doesn’t make it any easier. With Tracers’ skip tracing platform, you can find out more information about anyone you’ve been hired to find.

    Batch processing

    Do you need to search for hundreds or even thousands of individuals? The batch processing feature may be for you. With a highly competitive per-hit rate and an automated process available, you can receive the right information at a great price.

    Court runs

    Are you looking for specific court documents you can’t find on Tracers? Consult Tracers’ court-run services. With a turnaround time of only a few days and cost-effective options available, you can get the right documents when you need them. 

    "Tracers had an out-of-state address of an absconder with a felony warrant. We gave that information to the out-of-state police department. Within two weeks, they vetted the address, which was credible and accurate, and served/executed the warrant. The fugitive is in custody and awaiting extradition to the originating state. Thanks, Tracers!"

    Collin Yaw
    Pineapple Investigations, Inc.

    “We are VERY impressed by the searching! In fact, it is sensory overload. I just faxed in 6 more users. That’s all of our Cyber Unit. Thanks again for this GREAT service saving children!”

    Sr. Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Special Agent, Cyber Crime Unit

    “I can personally attest to Tracers success in locating and effectively arresting 4 people for outstanding felony warrants, just in this short time. Thank you - often time the people I look for don’t have an updated driver’s license address which leads to wasted time and not being able to locate relatives - your product has filled that gap and I can’t thank you enough!”

    Corporal Jonathan A. Lindsay
    State Police

    Where can my firm use Tracers data?

    You can use Tracers data in all sorts of ways. If you’re not sure how Tracers data could benefit your legal firm, here are a few practice areas that Tracers data can benefit:

    • Uncovering liens and judgments.
    • Discovering criminal records.
    • Locating heirs.
    • Performing an address search.
    • Finding missing persons.
    • Turning up sex offender records.

    Any firm in any legal field can use Tracers data. You just have to find where in your firm this data can play its best part.

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