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Collection software to search, contact, and collect.

Collections is difficult because collection agencies often need to create a lot of information based on very little information. When dealing with a variety of different kinds of people, it can be hard to perform effective debt management and collections. You need access to comprehensive data on these people, many of whom may try to avoid you. A debt collection software like Tracers can streamline collections at every step — from initial debt recovery assessment to final collection.

Debt collection software to link people together 

When it comes to skip tracing, linking people together is a key way to locate hard-to-find individuals. When you have access to relatives and associates, you can glean important insight into who your debtor is and their whereabouts.

Skip tracing tools for collections provide information about relatives, associates, and neighbor addresses. This information can be used to build a web of connections and get in contact with these people. Relatives and associates may be able to provide you with a variety of information about an individual, including:

  • Someone’s current place of employment.
  • Whether someone is living with relatives.
  • Current whereabouts.
  • Additional information about the individual.

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Use data collection software with various collection methods

Tracers offers many different methods of collection. Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, you can customize your searching to fit your unique collection process. 

Tracers offers the option for you to order searches directly online. You can utilize the Tracers website to search for specific individuals from any device. This makes it easy to access the information you need right when you need it.

If you need to perform high-volume searches at once, you can use Tracers batch processing options. You can batch process phone appends for contact and batch skip tracing, and scrub accounts for deceased records and bankruptcy records.

You can also use Tracers API to integrate Tracers data into your own platform and avoid switching between two different softwares.

Get a debt collection software with high-quality security options

Security is an incredibly important part of maintaining a collections agency. If you bring in law enforcement or a third-party licensed investigator, you need to be sure you’re providing sensitive information to the right people.

Tracers tools for collection agencies allow you to handle those security concerns more easily. You can perform identity verification through Tracers and control access for individual collectors in your agency. These tools help ensure that information is only being sent to the people who are supposed to see it. 

Want information stretching back decades? Use collective intelligence software for multiple industries

Collection agencies often work with a variety of different industries to provide assistance with their collection systems. These industries can include third-party agencies that work by themselves, financial institutions, collection law firms, or an arm of a preexisting company. Your industry may be using third-party collections or performing first-party collections. Here are a few of the industries that can benefit from the data provided with Tracers: 

No matter what industry you’re in, you can use Tracers to access comprehensive data for collections.

Collection software to shorten your collections lifecycle

In collections, time spent on cases is directly related to revenue. If you minimize the amount of time you spend on a specific case, you can take on more cases overall. This in turn helps you earn more money for your debt collection agency.

You can access information from multiple credit header bureaus and unbanked and alternative data sources. These data sources allow you to quickly gather information about 99% of adults in the US. Accessing comprehensive data can help you fill in missing holes and skip trace to achieve right-party contact in less time.

With automatic opportunities like batch processing, you can gather large amounts of information with one single search. Accessing expansive and reliable data helps you shorten your collections cycle and take on even more cases. 

What type of information can Tracers software collections offer your agency?

There are many records Tracers can offer your collections agency in order to maximize the effectiveness of collections and recovery. Here are a few of the types of data you can find through Tracers:

Tracers cloud-based software for collections provides you the tools you need to manage your agency’s collections attempts more easily. Whether you’re a third party or an arm of a company, Tracers provides the best solutions for collections management. These tools can help with receivable management, scrubbing uncollectible records, skip tracing debtors, increasing right-party contact, and repossession.

When you use Tracers to maximize response and minimize effort, you can collect on more debt in less time. This allows you to make more money from your collections attempts. With billions of records available from a variety of different sources, Tracers data is the best solution for collections and recovery.

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More Information

What is collections software?

Collections can be difficult because you need to create a lot of information based on very little information. When you’re dealing with a variety of people from various backgrounds, it can be difficult to go through with collections. Collections software can help you manage your collections agency more easily with high-quality information.

Who can benefit from using collections software?

Collections agencies often work with a variety of different industries. Many industries use collection agencies, including third-party agencies and arms of preexisting companies. Whether you’re a third-party business or doing collections for financial services, insurance, or government, you can benefit from collections software.

What does collections software reveal?

Collections software reveals information for skip tracing and right-party contact. It can also provide workplace records, deceased records, bankruptcy records, assets, tax liens and judgments, and more. You can even use it to perform identity verification.

What do I need to get started with using collections software?

To make collections more effective and manage your agency’s collections attempts more easily, try using a collections software like Tracers. Many companies utilize Tracers data to maximize response and minimize effort, so you can make more money from your collections attempts. With billions of records pulled from a variety of different sources, Tracers data is a great option for your company.