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Collections and Recovery Software

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Collections can be a difficult field to work in. One of the reasons collections can be so difficult is because you need to create a lot of information based on very little information. When you’re dealing with a variety of people from various backgrounds, many of whom may have reason to try to avoid you, it can become very difficult to go through with collections. A collection software like Tracers can help you manage your collections agency more easily with high-quality information and opportunities.

Link people together with a debt collection software solution

When it comes to skip tracing, linking people together is one of the most important things your collection agency can do. That’s because having access to relatives and associates can be a very useful part of finding an individual. You might want to talk to someone’s relatives and associates for many reasons:

  • Find someone’s current place of employment.
  • Discovering whether someone is living with relatives.
  • Asking additional questions about an individual.
  • Tracking down deceased records.

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Use collections software solutions with various collection methods

There are many ways you can access the information available at Tracers. It all depends on what you prefer to use for your collection agency.

Tracers offers the option for you to order searches directly online. You can utilize the Tracers website to search for individuals when you need to get that information, making it easier than ever to find the right information.

Another option is batch processing services. You can append phone numbers to make it easier for you to contact the people you’re looking for, scrub accounts for deceased records, or correctly identify bankruptcy records.

You can also integrate Tracers’ API into third-party platforms if you want to use your own platform to process Tracers data. Whether it’s for high-volume processing or just to make things easier on your employees, this API option is great for many agencies.

Get a collection agency software with high-quality security options

Security is an incredibly important part of maintaining a collections agency. If you need to bring in law enforcement or a third-party licensed investigator, for example, you need to make sure you’re only giving out sensitive information to the right people.

Managing security is an important part of your collections agency, and Tracers collection agency tools allows you to handle those security concerns more easily. Not only can you manage identity verification through Tracers, but you can also control access for individual collectors in your agency.

Want information stretching back decades? Use a collection agency software for multiple industries

Collections agencies often work with a variety of different industries. Many industries require the help of collections agencies, whether they’re third-party agencies that work by themselves or just an arm of the preexisting company. These are a few of the industries you can use Tracers data to manage more easily:

Plus, this only scratches the surface. You can utilize Tracers data to handle information from all sorts of businesses and look up information on individuals.

Shorten your collections lifecycle

With collections, the amount of time you spend on each case is an incredibly important part of your business. If you’re able to minimize the amount of time you spend on a specific case, you’ll be able to take on more cases, thereby earning more money.

Shortening this lifecycle, then, is incredibly important. With automatic opportunities like batch processing, you’ll be able to make your collections agency more efficient. That means making your agency take on more cases, which can eventually result in maximizing the amount of money you make.

What type of information can Tracers offer your agency?

There are plenty of pieces of information that Tracers can offer your collections agency to maximize your effectiveness. Here are a few types of data you can find through Tracers:

With Tracers, you can manage your agency’s collections attempts more easily. Tracers data can help you handle your collections agency, whether you’re a third-party business or you’re working on collections for an existing company. Many companies utilize Tracers data to maximize response and minimize effort, so you can make more money from your collections attempts. With billions of records available from a variety of different sources, Tracers data is a great option for your company.

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For information about how we collect, store and use your personal data, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.