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Legal teams need access to a lot of information. It can be difficult to understand more about an individual or case if you don’t have the information necessary to do so. Because a lot of that information is typically behind closed doors, legal teams are always looking for a way to find out more about persons of interest. Could legal research software with public records hold the key? Here are a few ways your law firm can use public records search engine to examine personal and business relationships.

Uncovering connections and liabilities

Connections between individuals and businesses can be an important part of uncovering potential issues in a case. For example, if someone has a connection to a business that has a significant investment in a case, you may use that connection to cast doubt on the case as a whole. One of the best ways to uncover these kinds of connections, including liabilities and the potential for conflicts of interest, is to use a software to authenticate businesses.

  • As a legal firm, it’s important that you uncover connections and liabilities in a case before you start working on them.
  • You should be able to uncover these types of connections whether they apply to your side or the opposing side.
  • Using a public records search engine, you can gain enough information to draw these conclusions and find connections.

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Locating and researching subjects and witnesses

Law cases can sometimes benefit from people you might not know much about. For example, through your investigations, you may find that someone saw a crime happen but hasn’t come forward about it yet. Using software to locate witnesses and other individuals can help you build a more solid case or cast doubt on the other side’s narrative. Being able to look through public records for personal connections can help you do that.

  • When you’re building a case, you should know that subjects and witnesses can come from a variety of strange places.
  • Uncovering those subjects and witnesses can help you put together a better case for your clients.
  • It’s possible to find a subject or witness you didn’t know about by tracing connections with public records.

Finding hidden assets

Assets can be an important part of many cases, especially cases that have to do with financial records. What if someone hides their assets with a friend or registers an asset in their name and doesn’t let anyone know about it? Those assets can still have a significant impact on a case or on the ruling of a case. Having the ability to perform a comprehensive asset analysis can help your law firm find those assets.

  • There are all sorts of assets someone may have, and knowing about those assets can be important in a case.
  • Many cases require that someone draw on their assets to pay the victim, and knowing the breadth of assets is useful for that.
  • If you think someone may have hidden assets, you might be able to find them with a public records search engine.

Investigating the other side

Whether you’re prosecuting or defending, it’s important that you have a lot of information about whomever you’re going up against. Getting information from your own side can be very easy; typically, your own clients are more likely to offer up information to you. However, getting information about other people can be more difficult. A public records search engine can help you do that.

  • Information is key in any legal case, and that includes information about both your side and the other side.
  • Connecting individuals on the other side can be more difficult than connecting individuals on your own.
  • When you utilize a public records search engine, it’s easier to get information for whoever you’re up against.

Examining personal and business relationships is an important part of many legal firms’ jobs. Whether you’re working as a prosecutor or a defendant, it’s incredibly important that you keep a close eye on personal and business relationships for both your side and the other side. With Tracers, it’s easier than ever to do just that with a Comprehensive Profile report. This report can help you uncover connections and liabilities, locate subjects and witnesses, identify assets and much more.

Both personal and business relationships have a significant impact on the facts of any case. Whether you’re working to prosecute law enforcement cases or you’re just managing insurance cases, having a more general understanding of the people involved can give you a leg up. By leveraging over 43 billion records from over 6,000 sources, Tracers offers you a thorough and easy-to-use option.