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Identity verification and authentication with one solution

Identity verification and authentication is important to running a smooth and safe business. All different kinds of companies, from corporations to investigators to financial institutions, need to make sure they’re dealing only with real people who are who they say they are. If you don’t have a proper identity verification system in place, you can open yourself up to scammers, phishers, fraud, identity theft of deceased people, and other general problems. To avoid these issues, businesses should implement high-quality identity verification through a public and private records search engine like Tracers.

An identity verification service to handle sensitive information

If your company regularly handles sensitive information, you need to make sure you’re verifying the identity of every person you’re transmitting information to, every time you transmit that information. For example, insurance providers often transmit people’s sensitive health information. If you give that information out to the wrong person, it could be seriously damaging to both your company and the individual. It’s vital that you send sensitive information to the right person to avoid opening yourself up to a lawsuit or other legal percussions, and you can do this using ID verification.

  • Any background investigator or company that handles sensitive information needs to verify people’s identities regularly.
  • Companies that don’t verify identities before transmitting sensitive information may end up in serious legal trouble if the information gets into the wrong person’s hands
  • Identity verification and authentication services should be an integral part of your company’s information processing if you handle sensitive information.

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Use ID verification software to get the right records for each person

Verifying identity isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. Most of the time, a person shares their full name with many people and platforms in the United States, which can clutter a verification system’s responses. Because there are so many names shared, it’s crucial that you take extra measures to ensure you’re only getting the records that apply to the person you’re verifying. Getting high-quality data from an online service you trust will help ensure you’re getting the right records quickly and easily.

  • Identity verification services need to use multiple points, like multiple credit bureaus, to match records to an individual for verification.
  • Using low-quality resources or a poorly-functioning service could return records that apply to others with the same name.
  • With a high-quality public records search, you’ll be able to skip trace search for anyone and get the correct records for that specific individual.

Use an identity verifier to help perform due diligence and keep your company safe

Due diligence is an important legal concept that refers to the research you do before you enter into potentially risky territory. When you do your due diligence, you’re making sure you know about risk before you accept it so you can deal with any potential problems before they actually appear. Identity authentication systems help you do your due diligence; if something does go wrong, like fraud or another financial crime, you can be sure you did as much as you could to avoid it in the first place.

  • Keeping your company safe requires that you do your due diligence on all your clients, not just the ones that seem like security risks.
  • Due diligence can be a legal mandate or just a way to avoid damage in the future that could hurt your business.
  • Whether you’re trying to avoid a lawsuit or just making sure you don’t run into problems down the line, performing due diligence with identity verification in a KYC software is key.

Get online identity verification to transmit information for investigations

At times, you may have to perform investigations into your business. These may be fraud investigations or general investigations for managing corporate risk. Regardless of the reason for the investigation, it’s likely that you’ll end up bringing a third party into your company to help. When you need to transmit sensitive information to those third-party investigators, you want to use personal identity verification to make sure you’re transmitting that information only to people who should have it.

  • Business investigations are common and often unavoidable. 
  • If you can manage your business investigations properly by implementing certain procedures when you bring in third-party investigators, you’ll be able to run through them more quickly.
  • Verifying third-party investigators’ identities before transmitting information is an important procedure to implement for effective and safe investigations.

Use advanced algorithms in the best identity verification service to verify personally identifiable information

If you go through and verify every piece of personally identifiable information (PII) on your own when collecting data on an individual, you’re going to deal with a lot of tedious research. While this may be a necessary task if you’re a legal professional trying to secure a conviction, most businesses don’t need an individual to manually handle every piece of this research.

When collecting data for any reason, you want to cut down the time spent on it as much as possible so you can focus on more important parts of your job. Tracers makes the research process easier by linking information for you. With TracersID, you can take identifiable information for a specific consumer and verify whether the data you have is a match for the consumer that Tracers already has on file. With this advanced algorithmic option, you can craft a profile on each person more quickly and easily.

Provide key information with an identity verification solution

Every organization needs to be able to control access to certain information. You don’t want a brand new employee getting information about financials that only employees higher up in the company need to know. However, controlling who can access certain information isn’t always easy because it requires gaining information about who individuals are and what they need to know.

While implementing access management for key information can seem daunting, the right ID verification tools in a public and private records database can make it significantly easier. Whether you’re providing information to collections attorneys working for your organization or you’re just making sure your CFO has access to all the right financial ledgers, identity verification, and authentication will help ensure that important information is only going to people who need to see it. 

Get an identity checking service to minimize legal and financial risk 

There are two types of risks you can run into when handling sensitive information or transactions in your corporation. The first type of risk is financial —  if you don’t have good security and money lands in the wrong person’s hands, you’ll end up losing it. The second is legal —  if you don’t implement strong security measures, a court is more likely to rule that you’re responsible for any fraud that occurs in your business.

When you use identity verification, you’ll help protect yourself from both of these types of risks. You’re less likely to end up with both financial losses and legal charges against your organization if you integrate a strong identity verification service into your security measures.

Offer a simple and secure process for customers and vendors

Your customers and vendors want a simple system to go through for security. Even if longer and more complicated security measures would make them safer, they likely won’t want to deal with the time spent going through it and they may choose to work with another business that has simpler security systems. To provide your customer and vendors with comfort and ease without sacrificing safety, you need identity verification that’s simple and straightforward.

Unobtrusive identity verification isn’t as difficult as it might seem — you just need powerful tools that can deliver the information you’re looking for, and Tracers excels in this exact area. Tracers provide comprehensive and high-quality information to help you verify the identities of your customers and vendors and make more informed decisions regarding fraud, internal processes, or customer outreach programs. With the accessible data in Tracers, you can easily craft the strong and unobtrusive identity verification system you need for your organization to perform vendor risk assessment or due diligence without turning people away. 

How do I get the most high-quality identity verification solutions?

While you want to trust the information you receive from your client, it’s important to verify it yourself in order to confirm its accuracy and reduce risk as much as possible. Identity verification and authentication is an important procedure to use in your business in order to help it run smoothly and safely from beginning to end. 

With Tracers, you can take the identifying information you already have and verify that you’re dealing with the client or person you think you’re dealing with. With billions of identifiable data points and an instant triangulation process, you can use Tracers to screen every client for potential risks and get the accessible and straightforward identity verification solutions you need —  not only to function but also to thrive. 

Can my industry benefit from identity verification through Tracers?

One mistake many people make when considering identity verification and authentication is limiting its scope of use. There are many different industries that can benefit from identity verification and authentication, including: 

 Whether you directly belong to one of these categories, or you don’t but want to add extra measures for security, you should use Tracers public and private records database to implement a simple and effective identity verification process that fits your organization’s needs.

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What is identity verification?

Identity verification and authentication is an important part of making sure your business works smoothly. Any company, from a corporation to an investigator, needs to make sure it’s dealing only with real people. High-quality identity verification verifies information about people to protect companies from problems.

What do I need to do identity verification?

Any company, from law investigators to corporations to legal professionals, can verify an identity if they have access to a public records search engine. Most of the time, a person shares their full name with many people in the United States, which can clutter a verification system’s responses. With a high-quality public records search, you’ll be able to make sure you’re only getting the records that apply to an individual you’re verifying.

What does identity verification reveal?

Identity verification links people to other information to help you identify individuals and verify and authenticate their identities. This ensures you make smarter and safer business decisions by helping you transmit information to the right people, perform due diligence, minimize legal and financial risk, and protect from fraud.

What do I need to do identity verification on my own?

In order to do identity verification on your own, you’ll need access to a high-quality public and private records search engine like Tracers. With billions of identifiable data points and an instant triangulation process, you can use Tracers to make sure you screen every client for potential future worries.