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Identity Verification and Authentication

Identify and Authenticate With One Solution

Identity verification and authentication is an important part of making sure your business works smoothly. Any company needs to make sure it’s dealing only with real people. If you don’t have a proper identity verification system in place, you can open yourself up to scammers, phishers and other general problems. Why do you need to maintain a proper identity verification and authentication system? These are just a few of the reasons why companies rely on high-quality identity verification.

Handling Sensitive Information

If your company regularly handles sensitive information, you need to make sure you’re verifying people’s identities every time you transmit that information. For example, insurance providers often transmit people’s sensitive health information. If you give that information out to the wrong person, it could be seriously damaging to your company. It’s vital that you only send sensitive information to the right person, because otherwise, you’re opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

  • Any company that handles sensitive information needs to verify people’s identities regularly.
  • Companies that don’t verify identities before transmitting sensitive information may end up in serious legal trouble because of it.
  • Identity verification and authentication services should be an integral part of your company’s information processing if you handle sensitive information.

Getting the Right Records for Each Person

Verifying an identity isn’t always as cut and dried as it may seem. Most of the time, a person shares their full name with many people in the United States, which can clutter a verification system’s responses. This means it’s crucial that you get only the records that apply to the person you’re verifying. That’s why you need to make sure you’re using high-quality resources from a source you trust.

  • Identity verification services need to use multiple points to match records to an individual for verification.
  • Using low-quality resources or a poorly-functioning service could return records that apply to others with the same name.
  • With a high-quality public records search, you’ll be able to make sure you’re only getting the records that apply to an individual.

Transmitting Information for Investigations

At times, you may have to perform investigations into your business. These may be fraud investigations or may just be about managing corporate risk. Regardless of the reason for the investigation, it’s likely that you’ll end up bringing a third party into your company to help. When you need to transmit sensitive information to those investigators, you have to make sure you’re transmitting that information only to people who should have it.

  • Business investigations are an inherent part of being a business, and they’re usually unavoidable.
  • If you can manage your business investigations properly, you’ll be able to run through them more quickly.
  • Verifying investigators’ identities is an important part of running an effective investigation, which can be crucial.

Performing Due Diligence to Keep Your Company Safe

Due diligence is an important legal concept that refers to the research you do before you enter into potentially risky territory. When you do your due diligence, you’re making sure you know about risk before you accept it, so you catch any problems before they become giant. Identity authentication systems allow you to do your due diligence; if something does go wrong, you can be sure you did as much as you could to avoid it in the first place.

  • Keeping your company safe requires that you do your due diligence on all your clients, not just the ones that seem like security risks.
  • Due diligence can be a legal mandate or just a way to avoid damage in the future that could ruin your business.
  • Whether you’re trying to avoid a lawsuit or just make sure you don’t run into problems, due diligence is key.

“Your service has made my effectiveness as a Police Investigator much better. I've been using it on a Cold Case Murder and tracking down numerous witnesses from 45 years ago, including finding a John Smith numerous states away. I LOVE IT!”

Dennis Kearns
Keego Harbor Police Dept

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Corporal Jonathan A. Lindsay
State Police

How Do I Get the Most High-Quality Identity Verification and Authentication Solutions??

It’s clear that verification and authentication are both important concepts you should take into your business. Making sure you know who you’re talking to ensures that your business runs more smoothly overall.

With Tracers, you can take the identifying information you already have and verify that you’re dealing with the client you think you’re dealing with. With billions of identifiable data points and an instant triangulation process, you can use Tracers to make sure you screen every client for potential future worries.

You shouldn’t be trusting the pieces of information you receive from a client. Instead, you should be verifying everything yourself. Tracers data can give you the verification options you need not only to function but also to thrive.

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