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License Plate Recognition

Search Over 9 Billion Nationwide Vehicle Sightings 

With a license plate recognition system, you no longer have to wish for an easier way for you to skip trace someone or run an asset search when all you have is a vehicle. Vehicle plate recognition is a burgeoning area of people searching, and that’s because it’s an important and effective one. More and more people are looking for ways to invest in car plate recognition for all their people search needs. Here’s how Tracers makes this process even easier.

Gather Secondary Information Through a Vehicle Sighting

When you’re looking to get more information about someone, a vehicle sighting can be a great first step. For example, if you’re an investigator and you’ve recently spotted someone in a specific location, in addition to a property records search, you may be able to run the car license plates of everyone in the area to find which car belongs to the person in question, which is often a great way to find and pinpoint an individual.

This secondary information can be extremely important for a variety of different people. Regardless of what you’re hoping to use it for, it’s actually a great way to maximize the amount of information you’re able to wring out of a single encounter. Just take down a vehicle’s license plate number and you’ll be able to get more information about that person at a later date.

Constant Updates to Vehicle Sighting Databases

What good is a vehicle sighting database if it’s many years out of date? You essentially have no way of knowing where that vehicle is now if the last vehicle sighting for a specific vehicle is many years ago. The vehicle may not even be in use anymore. This is why you need a vehicle sighting database that’s as up to date as possible.

Rather than relying on old, essentially useless vehicle sighting databases, Tracers makes sure its vehicle sighting database stays up to date. The database includes more than nine billion vehicle sightings across the country, and Tracers adds more than 160 million new sightings every month. That makes it a great option if you want to know where a vehicle is right now rather than where it was at one point.

Largest License Plate Database is Availability for Many Industries

Contrary to what you may have thought, vehicle sighting databases are actually an option for many different industries. If you’re not sure whether you may be able to use a vehicle sighting database for your work, don’t worry about it. These are a few of the industries that can benefit the most from Tracers’ license plate recognition system.

Plus, this isn’t the end of the list. There are many other industries that might be able to use Tracers as much as possible. There are only a few areas of industry that can’t use Tracers’ vehicle plate recognition: insurance, law enforcement, the federal government, automotive finance and recovery, repossession, collections management, and asset receivables.

Ease of Use in Every Element

The sheer ease of use that Tracers offers in every element of its license plate recognition system is one reason why so many companies love Tracers. You can choose how you want to use Tracers, the best Tracers tools to use, and much more, all at once. Ease of use is very clearly of the utmost importance when it comes to Tracers setup.

Using Tracers doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, as soon as you have a few license plates to practice on, you’re sure to work it out in a snap. Just sign up for Tracers today to learn more about what you can use this license plate recognition software for.

Allow for a Better Experience With License Plate Recognition

When you utilize license plate recognition software, especially alongside other recognition software products, it’s important to remember that you’re getting something that’s going to bolster your existing skip tracing tools and other options. You shouldn’t use license plate recognition as your only method of finding people. However, it’s true that license plate recognition is a great way to make it even easier for you to find those individuals.

As long as you’re part of an industry that can use license plate recognition software, it’s a good idea to put it in your toolbox for later. License plate recognition is a great way to know where someone is, find a vehicle’s owner, and just generally understand more about an individual. Look into Tracers today to learn more about how Tracers can be an extremely effective way to uncover the deep, dark secrets you’re looking for.

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License Plate Recognition

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