License Plate Search and Vehicle Plate Recognition

License plate search over 9 billion nationwide vehicle sightings

One thing most people need no matter where they are is a vehicle to get around, especially if there is little to no public transportation available in their area. To avoid unnecessary traffic stops, current registration (and insurance) are vital to evade detection. But with cameras seemingly everywhere, concealing one’s whereabouts is much more difficult than before. For the investigator, license plate tracking is one easy way to locate a person who’s difficult to find.

When you can perform a license plate search using a license plate recognition system, you no longer have to struggle to skip trace address search someone or run an asset search when all you have is a vehicle. With over 60 million trucks and cars on the road, vehicle plate recognition is a burgeoning area of people searching that is both useful and effective. More and more people, organizations, and companies are looking for ways to invest in car plate recognition for all their people searching needs. Here’s how Tracers license plate recognition system can make your searches even better.

How to trace a license plate  to gather secondary information 

When you’re looking to get more information about someone, a license plate search can be a great first step. For example, if you’re a professional investigator,  you’ve recently spotted someone in a specific location and want to learn more about where they might be, you can run a DMV license plate lookup by address search to find all the vehicle sightings at that specific address. Then, you can perform a reverse license plate search of all those vehicles to find out which car belongs to the person in question. Once you know which car belongs to that individual, you can then run a license plate lookup by plate number to find other sightings of that vehicle and determine what locations the person frequents. Or, search your state’s driver license and vehicle registration databases to find their current home address for additional skip tracing. 

Gathering additional information about someone with a license plate tracer can be extremely helpful in a variety of different scenarios. For example, legal professionals can use a license plate search to gather more information for witness location, or to prove or disprove alibis in criminal defense law. If you work in personal injury law, you may be able to use sightings of a specific vehicle to help determine whether or not someone was actually at the location of an accident at the time they claim to have been. 

Other legitimate reasons for license plate tracing include:

  • Insurance reasons
  • Issues with auto safety, product recalls emissions, and thefts
  • Private toll transportation facilities
  • Notices for impounded or towed vehicles
  • Legitimate government agency purposes

Regardless of what you’re hoping to use it for, a license plate search is a great way to maximize the small amount of information you’re able to wring out of a single encounter. With just a vehicle’s license plate information or VIN number, you can learn more about an individual and their general whereabouts. This can be very useful for getting in direct contact with them or building a more robust general profile.

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Get a license plate number search with constant updates to vehicle sighting databases

What good is a vehicle sighting database if it’s outdated? If the last sighting of a vehicle was many years ago, you have no way of knowing where it is now, who owns it, or even if it’s still in use.  To ensure you’re able to locate vehicles at their current location, you need a vehicle sighting database that’s as   current as possible.

Rather than relying on old, useless vehicle sightings, Tracers vehicle recognition system stays up-to-date with the most recent sightings available. The database includes more than nine billion vehicle sightings across the country, and Tracers adds more than 160 million new sightings every month so you can get the most accurate picture of where a vehicle currently is.

It is, but only to a certain extent. Someone requesting access must have a legitimate reason for tracing license plate numbers to obtain the owner’s or another person’s information. Police officers, attorneys involved in civil or criminal cases, debt collectors, and investigators have viable reasons for requesting information from a license plate. But it’s not that simple for a member of the public to “run a plate” and get a full list of the car’s vitals and the owner’s personally identifiable information.

In every US state, vehicles are required to have a license plate to operate on the state’s public roads. The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 prevents someone from walking into any state DMV and getting personal information on licensed drivers. Individual states may have additional protections that go beyond what the DPPA provides to protect all personal information contained in a person’s motor vehicle record. Anyone wishing to obtain this type of information must have a legitimate reason and go through the proper channels. Only then can that information be released.  

Whether you use license plate search software on its own or as part of a skip tracing investigation, Tracers’ license plate lookup software can give you a full report on any vehicle you’re looking to find. Using the number plate tracer to retrieve license plate data, you can also get a vehicle’s make, model, color, and other vital information you need to locate an individual.

Largest automatic license plate recognition system is available to many industries

Vehicle sighting databases can be extremely useful for a variety of different industries. Some of the industries that can benefit the most from Tracers license plate recognition system include:

There are other industries that might be able to use Tracers license plate recognition system, but not all have access. Industries that do not have access to Tracers vehicle plate recognition system include: 

While you can’t use a license plate lookup in Tracers if you’re in one of these industries, you can use other Tracers tools to help you with skip tracing and quality right-party contact, like phone number and address lookup. Tracers’ license plate tracing software contains more than nine billion vehicles sightings and is constantly updated to give you the most current information available.

Get a comprehensive DMV license plate search with ease of use in every element

The sheer ease of use that Tracers offers in every element of its license plate recognition system is one reason why so many companies love Tracers. You can choose how to run a license plate search, whether it’s by plate number, VIN, or address search. You can even do a license plate lookup with picture search results. Whatever kind of search you need to do in a license plate recognition system, Tracers makes it easy.  

Tracers license plate recognition system is not only straightforward but also comprehensive. You can get images of the license plate, an exact date and time stamp, and a geolocation sighting of each vehicle, including latitude and longitude. You can even draw shapes on a map to customize the exact area you want to search for vehicle sightings. When you’re looking for a way to search a license plate that is simple and can provide you with all the information you need, consider Tracers license plate recognition database and system.  

Allow for a better experience with a license plate owner search 

When you utilize license plate recognition software in your business, it’s important to use it to bolster your existing skip tracing tools and other searching options, not as your only method of finding people. However, when paired with other tools in Tracers, it can make skip tracing hard-to-find individuals significantly easier. 

As long as you’re part of an industry that can use license plate recognition software in Tracers, it’s a smart idea to put it in your people search toolbox. License plate recognition is a great way to determine where someone is or frequently travels to, find a vehicle’s owner, and just generally understand more about an individual. If you’re ready to see how a license plate recognition system can help you in your industry, or you’re interested in accessing 120 billion public and private records covering nearly every adult in the United States, get started with Tracers today.

More information

What is license plate recognition?

With a license plate recognition system, you have one more tool to skip trace someone or run an asset search when all you have is a vehicle. Vehicle plate recognition is an important and effective way to find certain individuals. That makes it.a burgeoning area of people searching.

What do I need to do to get license plate recognition?

As long as you’re in an industry that can use license plate recognition software, such as investigators, corporations, some financial services, and healthcare, a vehicle sighting is a great first step to getting information about someone. Just take down a vehicle’s license plate number and with a license plate recognition software, you’ll be able to get more information about that person. Tracers license plate reader database gives you a place to start finding the information you need, whenever you need it. From there, you can continue to search for a person using the initial information from the license plate database.

What does license plate recognition reveal?

License plate recognition is a great way to maximize the amount of information you have on someone. For example, if you’re an investigator and you’ve recently spotted someone in a specific location, in addition to a property records search, you may be able to run the car license plates of everyone in the area to find which car belongs to the person in question. When you utilize license plate recognition software, especially alongside other recognition software products, it’s important to remember that you’re getting something that’s going to bolster your existing skip tracing tools and other options.

How can I get started using license plate recognition on my own?

To get started with license plate recognition for your own company, use a license plate recognition software like Tracers. With more than nine billion vehicle sightings across the country, Tracers’ vehicles sighting database stays up to date and is easy to use.

Contact us today for more information on how Tracer’s license plate recognition database can help your company accomplish people searching and skip tracing faster and more efficiently.