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Law Enforcement Software

Data research trust by over 400 law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement investigations require a lot of work from many different parties. Part of the problem arises from how much information different cases require. A law enforcement agency might deal with companies, government agencies and individuals all in one day, and utilizing many different information sources for all these different requirements can be stressful and nigh-impossible. Here’s how Tracers can alleviate that stress and make it easier for you to handle your law enforcement investigation.

Law enforcement software with deep data-linking capabilities

Linking people together is one of the most difficult things to do in a law enforcement investigation. However, it’s also extremely important. No matter what type of crimes your organization deals with, you’re probably going to have to find relationships between individuals on some level on a regular basis. Tracers’ law enforcement reporting software has high-quality data-linking capabilities to help you find those links more easily. Here are a few practice areas that may need you to link people together:

Use law enforcement tools for extra security in managing investigations

When you do have to pursue an investigation, it’s important that you don’t make the problem worse. If you handle information poorly or don’t maintain the proper levels of security during the investigation, you might end up with a data leak of your own on your hands, which can be a PR and public safety nightmare.

Especially if you have to bring in third-party licensed investigators, you need to follow a pattern that’s more reminiscent of corporate risk mitigation than general law enforcement tactics. It’s easy to use Tracers’ police investigation software with risk management tools to handle your investigations more securely.

Get a police software with scalable solutions for any size department

Not everyone needs the same solutions. Acting like you’ll need the same solutions as a massive corporation, for example, ignores the specifics associated with law enforcement agencies. Instead, you need a company like Tracers that’s willing to work with you to obtain the best results. You can choose from a number of options to obtain the right results:

These solutions are scalable, which means they work well for an organization of any size. It’s just as easy for your organization to use them as for a much larger government agency or law enforcement agency.

Find information stretching back decades

Law enforcement agencies often need information from the past to solve crimes in the present. For example, you might need more information about a potential subject’s past if you want to utilize skip tracing tools to uncover where that person might be right now. That means you need a law enforcement reporting software that has information from many years ago.

The good news is, Tracers has what you’re looking for. With over 40 years of address history and billions of records to comb through, you can perform any address search or asset search and find information from the past and the present. It’s stuck by law enforcement for over 20 years, helping decades of law enforcement agents solve crimes.

A law enforcement investigation software for all agencies

From small, rural law enforcement to giant law enforcement agencies in big cities, Tracers has it all. If you’re worried about Tracers fitting your budget, you can rest assured there’s an option for your needs. Qualifying law enforcement agencies without access to other investigative data can even receive a free account to combat crime more efficiently.

Every community works with their law enforcement agency in a different way. Whether you’re already closely connected with your community or you’re looking for new ways to prove your worth, Tracers is willing and able to provide you with investigative tools used by law enforcement to support you in your quest to keep the community safe.

What can Tracers data offer your agency?

It can be tough to understand what Tracers data can do in your community without any use cases. Here are just a few of the ways law enforcement agencies have been able to use Tracers data:

  • Solve cases faster.
  • Manage cold case investigation.
  • Reduce the number of cold cases.
  • Reduce crime overall.
  • Apprehend criminals.
  • Maintain a working community relationship.

Overall, Tracers is an incredibly useful tool you can use to make your crime response more effective. You can find people, connect people with businesses, uncover someone’s online presence, and much more. Law enforcement agencies need all these tools and the other tools that Tracers offers to law enforcement agencies across the country. Take advantage of the billions of Tracers high-quality records available today so you can get to work managing and reducing crime in your neighborhood.

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