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Insurance Investigations

Perform insurance investigations more easily with people search data

Although insurance fraud is fairly low overall, it’s still important that corporations and government agencies do their due diligence in ensuring that claims are legitimate and claimants actually exist. Fraud investigation for insurance agencies can be difficult. After all, you’re often handling very sensitive information, including everything from someone’s financial history to their medical information. When you’re trying to process one of these investigations, here are a few ways you can rely on a public and private records search engine.

Investigate the legitimacy of claims with an insurance fraud investigation software

Your need to investigate a claim’s legitimacy can fall into three different groups: the individual, the insurance agency, or the doctors. If you’re a licensed investigator handling individual claims, you’ll need to make sure the individual got the treatments they’re claiming. If you work for a government agency, you may have to make sure an insurance agency is reporting claims accurately. If you’re with an insurance agency, you may need to talk to doctors and make sure they’re putting in accurate claims. All of these needs can benefit from a people search.

  • Making sure a claim is legitimate is the basis of insurance fraud investigations, and it’s definitely important.
  • No matter what type of insurance fraud you’re looking into, you’re going to need to get information from many different sources.
  • A people search engine can return information from multiple sources all at once, giving you a clear picture.

Get insurance investigation services to help uncover evidence of fraud history

When you’re looking into insurance fraud, you want to see whether or not someone has perpetrated fraud before. If an individual, company or team has perpetrated fraud before, they may be more likely to do so again. That could be reason to look more closely at current and future claims or to establish stricter requirements for that client. The thing is, you need court records and other information to do that, and people search engines can help you find that information.

  • A history of fraud can be an important factor in determining whether someone’s likely to commit fraud again.
  • If you want to avoid fraud before it happens, you need to make sure you’re considering a person or organization’s history.
  • Getting court records and other criminal records from a people search engine can be the first step to understanding whether someone’s perpetrated fraud before.

Process both maintenance and case-by-case fraud claims

When it comes to insurance, you need to have multiple systems set up for managing fraud. That includes systems that routinely check for surface-level fraud every time a claim comes in and systems that allow investigators to check for deeper fraud when you realize that something might be wrong. API systems can help you create a system that allows you to check for fraud at all times, whether you have someone to do it personally or not.

  • Automating your fraud systems to an extent can seriously help you handle more fraud detection every day.
  • An automated system with human help will be more beneficial and more effective than a fully human system.
  • Utilizing a people search engine with automation opportunities allows you to get high-quality information whenever you need it.

Detect fraud before it happens with an insurance fraud investigation process

Ideally, you want to make sure you’re detecting fraud before it ever actually happens to you. Recovering from fraud is much more difficult, more expensive, and more time-intensive than simply managing your corporate risk. You just need the right tools. In this case, the right insurance fraud investigation tools are all available through a people search engine — you just need to reach out and take advantage of them.

  • A preventative approach will always be better than an approach that attempts to handle fraud after it happens.
  • You need to have the right tools if you’re going to detect fraud as early as you can.
  • Insurance investigations can genuinely benefit from an up-to-date and all-encompassing database to check information against.

How does Tracers data help with insurance investigations?

People search data is an incredibly important part of insurance investigations, but Tracers data goes further. Not only is it an up-to-date and comprehensive database, but it’s also user-friendly, making it a top choice for people who need access to lots of information at many different times, as insurance fraud investigators do.

Tracers data can help you reduce insurance fraud in your company or organization. Whether you’re doing a skip trace to locate individuals or you want an API system that can help you set up an automatic option, you can count on Tracers data to reduce your risk.

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