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A general investigation may be useful in an organization for many reasons. Maybe you’re looking for fraud that you’re concerned about in the organization, or maybe you’re just committed to doing routine financial services investigations every so often to minimize risk. No matter what your organization’s general investigations look like, it’s a good idea to do them as thoroughly as possible. With the help of a public records search engine, you can make your general investigations more effective.

Personalize your requests with a financial investigation software

Personalization in businesses is an important part of choosing which service you’re going to use for your needs. This doesn’t just mean being able to attach your company’s name to things, but instead being able to decide the intricacies of how you gather information.

A high-quality public records search engine should make it easy for you to personalize your requests. Do you only want email addresses? Are you looking for phone numbers? Do you need a number of different pieces of information at once? Personalization like the options at Tracers makes this easier.

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Gather information with a financial crime investigation sotware

What’s the best way to gather information? It depends on what you’re using it for and what type of information you’re getting. The truth is, you can’t just gather information exactly the same way regardless of your use for it. This is why Tracers offers three options for information gathering:

These three options are best in different ways. Batch processing is great for appending data to certain types of existing data when you have a lot of records to get through. API is great for in-home search engines. Individual searches are useful when you need to deep dive into a specific person.

Search with the best financial analysis software

It’s no use having a search database that has billions of records if the search tools you’re using are low-quality, and it’s no use having high-tech tools if you’re using a small database. You can only get quality results if you use these two together.

Having the best tools in the business will help you make it easier to search for whatever you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking up people in your organization, trying to skip trace someone, researching for a third party, or doing customer due diligence, the tools at Tracers will make it easier for you.

Get the right information with financial investigations services

What type of information are you looking for? Many people don’t actually know what type of information they’re hoping to get, which can make it difficult to choose a tool for obtaining information. Tracers allows you to find a wealth of information about anyone, including these things and more:

Do any of these seem like things your organization could use for general investigations? The good news is that most general investigations rely on one or more of these tools, rather than relying on super difficult-to-find information. With the public records search engine at Tracers, it’s easy to get access to this information no matter where you are.

Get a financial investigation software to make your company safer

Overall, you want your general investigations to make people safer. That’s why it’s so important that you invest in the best possible tools. If you’re willing to invest time, effort, and money into making sure your company is safer, that’ll also make your employees and your customers safer.

General investigations can be a boon to your company, but only if you do them the right way. You can make your company safer by utilizing only the best tools, like the tools at Tracers, and making sure all your information is correct, which is a unique benefit to Tracers.

Can my industry use Tracers’ general investigations tools?

One of the good things about general investigations is that they’re definitely not bound by any specific industry. Any industry can use general investigations because every industry takes on an element of risk it has to mitigate. Consider these industries as a list of groups that can use general investigations:

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Just about any organization that has employees or deals with customers can use general investigation tools. All you have to do is make sure you’re thinking about the ways in which you can use Tracers’s tools, and you may be able to find a use for general investigations.

More information

What is financial investigations software?

Financial investigations are an important part of many organizations. Whether you’re performing a financial investigation to locate fraud or just minimize risk in general, financial investigations software will provide you with the information you need to make your investigations more effective. 

Who can benefit from financial investigations software?

While financial investigation software is particularly beneficial for the financial services industry, any industry that wants to mitigate risk with financial investigations can benefit from using financial investigations software. For example, collections, corporations, government, insurance, and healthcare can also benefit from the tools provided by financial investigations software.

What does financial investigations software reveal?

Financial software reveals information that can help you understand the people in your organization, skip trace someone, research for a third-party, or perform due diligence. Some of the information revealed in financial investigations software that can help you perform your investigation include phone numbers and emails, address history, licenses, asset records, criminal records, business records, and more. 

What do I need to get started with using financial investigations software?

No matter what industry in, if you want to perform more thorough financial investigations, use financial investigations software like Tracers. Tracers offers over 120 billion records pulled from thousands of different sources to provide you with a wealth of information about anyone, and you can access this information no matter where you are.