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Ongoing Monitoring

Finding the Right Ongoing Monitoring Solution

Maintaining your organization’s safety isn’t just about making sure customers are safe the first time they create an account. It’s also about making sure customers continue to stay safe as you continue to keep them on as a customer. Ongoing monitoring can make your company safer because you’re always understanding more about your customers, even as their situations change. It’s important to use all the tools at your disposal, including Tracers’s public records search engine tools, to maintain your ongoing monitoring.

Keep an Eye On All Third Parties

It’s important that you maintain an eye on everyone who interacts with your organization. That even includes third parties that might not be specifically customers or specifically vendors. When you maintain your monitoring process on everyone your organization interacts with, including all third parties, you’re making sure everyone stays much safer.

Keeping an eye out for anything that might be changing with your customers, your vendors, or anyone in between makes sure your company stays safe. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to make sure you’re paying attention to all the third parties your organization interacts with on a regular basis.

Maintain Compliance With Regulations

Local and governmental regulations are important to pay attention to. Especially in financial services, there are probably a variety of regulations you need to pay attention to in your regular functioning. These regulations can come back to bite you if you don’t maintain careful compliance with them over the years.

Many of these regulations have to do with whether you can provide financial services to a certain individual. If there’s significant evidence that someone’s using financial services to commit a crime, you might legally have to suspend that person’s account. Ongoing monitoring can help you do that.

Incorporate Your Search Requirements

Your search requirements will rely on a variety of needs and structural choices. In many organizations, a big factor is how many searches you need to do every day. If you’re handling thousands of searches every day, you’ll need something different than if you’re only doing one or two. This is exactly why Tracers offers three different searching options:

Depending on your organization’s individual needs, you may need one of these options, two different options, or a mix of all three. However, only your organization can really decide which one it needs to utilize. It’s up to you to fit it into the organization’s existing structure.

Tailor Your Needs to Your Solutions

Although you might think you want to tailor your solutions to your needs, the truth is that the answer is actually twofold. You should also tailor your needs to your solutions — you can utilize Tracers in a variety of ways with which you can then match your company’s needs.

For example, Tracers offers batch processing. If you’re currently doing dozens of searches by hand every day, consider shifting your needs from that to the batch processing opportunity. This way, you can do your job just as you’re already doing it, but now with better needs suited to your solutions.

Make Sure You and Your Vendors Are Both Protected

Ongoing monitoring can sometimes seem like a pain, especially if you haven’t previously invested in ongoing monitoring. It costs extra money, it takes more time, and you might not see the results immediately. Why do it? The answer is to make sure that you, vendors and customers are all protected.

Just protecting part of your company base isn’t enough. You need to make sure everyone who interacts with your company stays as highly protected as possible. With this protection, you’ll find that your existing vendors and customers are more likely to trust you, and you’re more likely to create new opportunities.

“One of the biggest differences between Tracers and [other providers] is the personally identifiable information that Tracers provides.”

Janice Harmon
Kerr Russell

Which Industries Can Utilize Ongoing Monitoring Tools From Tracers?

Ongoing monitoring is useful for many industries, not just retail industries with a traditional understanding of “customers.” In reality, just about anyone you interact with might be a “customer,” just in a nontraditional sense. That’s why so many industries, including these, can utilize ongoing monitoring tools from Tracers:

Whether you have an organization in one of these groups or you just believe that ongoing monitoring tools could be extremely useful for your needs, consider implementing them into your day-to-day functioning. After all, you might as well use as many tools as you have available to maximize your company’s functioning.

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