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Business Investigations Software

Make Government-Led Business Investigations Easier With Tracers

Business investigations are an important part of making sure businesses stay accountable and above-ground. Although this isn’t always the government’s wheelhouse, the government may be one of the groups investigating a business in some way, even if professional investigators are also doing investigations. If your department regularly investigates businesses for any sort of purpose, it’s a good idea to use Tracers’ public records search engine tools to make it easier.

Get Accurate Results in Less Time

One of the biggest things about investigations is the fact that you may have to deal with multiple sets of information, which may end up being contrary to each other. That means you have to not only find information but find accurate information.

This is a long and complicated process that takes up time and energy. What if you could get accurate basic information about someone with essentially no work on your part? Tracers makes that easy with its variety of search results. With billions of records that it pulls from over 6,000 sources, Tracers has already fact-checked its own immediate results.

Uncover All Sorts of Reports

You never know what’s going to be useful when you’re investigating someone. The best way for you to gather information and get a truly useful picture of whoever you’re investigating is to gather as much information as possible. Tracers offers information including:

  • DBA/FBN Records
  • FEIN-Tax ID Records
  • Corporate Records
  • Workplace Records
  • Comprehensive Business Profile

These can all be useful in different circumstances. Although not all of them are useful in all situations, there are many instances where having someone’s tax ID records or comprehensive business profile could be helpful. Tracers wants to make sure you’re prepared for that to come.

Conduct More Thorough Investigations

In general, the more thorough your investigation, the better. This is especially true when it comes to business investigations. Many businesses are adept at hiding their illegal or partially-legal activities, which means you need to really dig deep if you want to find the things they’re hiding.

The best way to dig deeper than you could on your own is to use Tracers. With Tracers, nobody can hide information or claim they don’t know something. Instead, you can rely on the results that Tracers returns, which are full results from over 6,000 sources, making it a useful and simple option for your investigations.

Gather Information in Different Ways

Depending on how many cases you have every week and what type of information you’re looking to gather, you might want to find information in different ways. That’s what Tracers excels at. With Tracers, you can find information in one of three different ways:

It’s important to gather information in whatever way will work the best for your needs. That means if you do a lot of searches every day, you’ll probably want batch processing; however, if you’re looking for deep-dive information on one or two individuals, you’ll probably want individual searches instead.

Access Billions of Records Instantly

One of the biggest benefits of Tracers is the fact that it has a truly gigantic amount of records available. When you use Tracers, you’re searching through over 42 billion records, covering millions of American adults. This breadth of records allows you to maximize your ability to find information about almost anyone.

These records are the best place to go if you want comprehensive knowledge about an individual or entity. Although you can certainly find out information by looking through other sources, Tracers brings you as much information as you can get in a small amount of time. That makes it the perfect option for any government agency that wants to be efficient.

"Before Tracers, I had to log in at a desktop to obtain investigative data. Now I can log on anywhere I can get internet. Many times investigators are doing surveillance away from their desktops and they can use their phones to perform searches."

Mark Jenkins
Department of Veteran Affairs

Can Other Industries Utilize Business Investigation Tools From Tracers?

A business investigation doesn’t have to come from the government exclusively. Whether it’s a private individual pursuing someone, a professional investigative team looking into someone’s background, or even just a business giving up information that helps an investigation, plenty of industries utilize Tracers’ tools during investigations. These are just a few of the industries that use Tracers’ tools:

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Some businesses that work in industries not provided here also utilize Tracers’ software to maximize their investigative practices. No matter what industry you work in or how you’ll be able to use them, Tracers’ investigative tools are a great benefit to any organization.

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