How to Run a License Plate Search

How to Run a License Plate Search

There are over 260 million trucks and cars on the road – and with so many adults driving vehicles, license plate recognition systems have given law enforcement, investigators, legal professionals, insurance, and collections new ways to skip trace individuals or gather more information for an investigation. Vehicle sightings can tell you all sorts about a … Read more

What is Contact Tracing?

contact tracing

What is contact tracing? Contact tracing, in short, is the process of identifying the connections within and between social groups. This has many applications but is most often used in medicine to track the spread of disease and infection (especially right now). Effective medical contact tracing can not only map the spread of an infection, … Read more

What Is Batch Skip Tracing?

what is batch skip tracing

Batch skip tracing is an incredibly useful tool that many companies can make use of. However, it’s common for companies to still use manual skip tracing for each individual, even as technology has made it much easier to skip trace many people at once. Becoming a modern company means adapting to the times, which means … Read more

What Is REI Skip Tracing?

rei skip tracing

REI skip tracing refers to Real Estate Investor skip tracing. It’s a specific type of skip tracing that’s best suited to people who want to get deeper into the real estate investment game, which can range from people who have never invested in real estate before to people who are thinking about making real estate … Read more

What Is Online Skip Tracing?

what is online skip tracing

Skip tracing software comprises a variety of elements. If you’re looking into skip tracing, chances are you’re trying to find a variety of people who might be in all sorts of areas across the country. Although old-school skip tracing often requires you to physically go to courthouses and try to find people’s physical addresses, people … Read more

What Is Bulk Skip Tracing?

what is bulk skip tracing

If you’re looking for a better way to find information on a variety of people, you may want to consider bulk skip tracing for your needs. Bulk skip tracing, also known as batch skip tracing, is a great way to get plenty of information on a number of different people all at once. It essentially … Read more

What Is a Skip Tracer?

what is a skip tracer

If you’ve begun to look into any industry that often tracks people down, chances are you’ve heard about skip tracing. Skip tracing is a term that doesn’t necessarily sound obvious on the surface. However, if you’re really interested in getting the most out of your industry, you’re probably going to want to invest in some skip … Read more

What is Skip Tracing?

What is Skip Tracing

When someone “skips town”, it’s often because others are looking for them. Sometimes, the individual knows a summons is on the way, or they’re a key witness in an ongoing investigation, or they may even owe too many people money. Other times, an individual may not be hiding, but they are just difficult to find … Read more