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Government Identity Management Software

Craft an Identity Management System in Your Government Agency

Identity management systems are all but essential in business, but did you know that they could help in government as well? Although it can be challenging to understand where an identity management system may be able to help your government agency, it’s vital that you consider whether an identity management system could help you and your colleagues. Plus, when you use a public records search engine through Tracers, it can be easier than you may have thought to set one up.

Cut Down On Waste and Loss

People discuss waste and loss in business all the time, but few actually know what it means to cut down on these issues. Every organization, government or non-government, is going to have some amount of waste and loss. The problem is not whether you’ll have waste and loss of some kind, but how much you’ll have.

When you cut down on the amount of waste and loss in your organization, people will notice. That includes the supervisors that you report to every day and it includes the residents who come to you with their needs. An identity management system inherently cuts down on waste.

Verify Identities More Easily

At the core of an identity management system is the ability to verify individuals’ identities. The problem, then, is not whether or not you can verify someone’s identity, but instead how easy it is to verify an identity and incorporate that into your existing processes.

Identity verification isn’t necessarily easy, but with Tracers, you can more easily make sure that each individual you communicate with is a real person.

Search Using Your Preferred Method

As you’re building an identity management system, you have to ask yourself how you’re going to utilize it. What methods of searching are you going to use so that you can verify each person’s identity? The good news is that Tracers offers three different methods of searching:

As you can see, these three methods work best for different types of organizations. Even when it comes to government, different governments work in different ways, so it’s important to choose the one that works best for you. Smaller governments might want individual searches, while larger ones might want to try batch processing instead.

Create a Proactive Approach

It’s important to work proactively, not reactively. If you work proactively, you can avoid any issues that you might otherwise have with your identity management system, while if you work reactively, you’ll only be able to clean up the mess afterward. Proactive approaches always create less waste and fewer problems than reactive approaches.

A proactive approach may look like screening for an identity match every time you make a transaction, rather than just when you think something might be wrong. With a proactive approach, it’s less likely that you’ll have to involve law enforcement or investigators; you can probably handle your problems on your own.

Learn More About Whatever’s Best for Your Agency

Tracers offers a variety of information: everything from phone numbers to complete background checks. However, that doesn’t mean you should get as much information as possible about everyone. Sometimes you just need to use TracerID to verify someone’s identity, and sometimes you need that full in-depth analysis.

The choice for which one you get should always be up to you. That’s why Tracers makes it easy to get as much or as little information about every individual you research. No matter how much information you’re hoping to find out about someone, Tracers allows you to personalize the results that come back.

"Before Tracers, I had to log in at a desktop to obtain investigative data. Now I can log on anywhere I can get internet. Many times investigators are doing surveillance away from their desktops and they can use their phones to perform searches."

Mark Jenkins
Department of Veteran Affairs

How Does Identity Management Help All Industries?

Identity management isn’t a term typically associated with government. Although this should have hopefully helped you understand why identity management systems can be useful for government organizations, it’s a concept that many industries, especially for-profit industries, use every day. Tracers offers directed tools to help a variety of industries, including these ones:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and identity management systems are useful for just about all organizations, regardless of their exact industry. No matter what type of organization you run or what industry you belong to, you should know that software from Tracers makes it easier for you to craft an identity management system that will make it run better.

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