Improve Efficiency and Streamline Your Workflow with API Solutions

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Regardless of the industry you work in, whether it’s financial servicescollections, or legal professionals, you want to provide a seamless experience for your employees and be sure you’re doing everything you can to operate at maximum efficiency. When it comes to big data analytics, maintaining a high-quality reputation while also ensuring smooth operations is an act of juggling – you have to be sure you’re efficiently performing all of your internal processes while simultaneously dealing effectively with external factors, like customer relationships and legal compliance. So what’s one way you can balance the different aspects of running a business? With an API integration solution. Tracers API is a custom solution that allows you to integrate our public and private records database with your own software so you can keep all your necessary data collection in-house. 

Integrate ID verification (and other searches) into your own software

Identity verification is important for many industries, but particularly financial services industries. You need to be sure that the people you’re working with are who they claim to be, so that you can perform customer due diligence and customer and vendor risk assessment. This is important not only for your own company’s safety, but it also helps ensure compliance with legal requirements and reduces liability. For example, if you’re working in financial services, you don’t want to onboard a client on a global watchlist or work with a person who has committed fraud in the past – and implementing an identity verification process into your own business can help prevent this.

But while identity verification is vital to the safety of your company, you also don’t want to spend valuable time going to a third-party ID verifications service. By integrating Tracers database into your own software with our API solution, you can get 24/7 access to a plethora of information, such as family members, known business associates, address history, and cell phone history, that helps you quickly and thorough verify the identity of people right from your own brand’s technology – speeding up the onboarding process and allowing you to more efficiently implement customer identification and vet employees, vendors, and third-parties.

Perform ongoing monitoring and evaluation in-house

After the initial ID verification and authentication process, you need to be sure that you’re performing ongoing monitoring of the situations of your customers, employees, and third-parties so that you don’t run into any safety or compliance issues down the road. That means you need to be able to quickly access information about the people involved in your company and be notified if there is any illicit behavior or potential for fraud.

Using an API integration with a public and private records database, you can continuously monitor the situations of the people involved with your company and get lightning-fast returns on the searches performed. Tracers offers fraud analytics and real-time incarceration records that can be seamlessly integrated into your own software via API, so you can get notified when something of concern arises and deal with it right then and there, rather than having to rely on delayed information provided from a third-party website. Integrating a public and private records database into your own company’s software to perform ongoing monitoring allows you to save time and have peace of mind  with the assurance that you’ll always know if a risky situation arises.

Save time and streamline your workflow with API 

Performing ID verification and ongoing monitoring right from your own software improves operational efficiency and helps maintain a strong company reputation, but how can API integration help you in your day-to-day routine? 

If you work in collections, private investigation, or law enforcement, you likely have to search through hundreds of records in order to gather the data you need to skip trace someone or build your case. In these situations, you may use a third-party website to perform records searches or even hire a third-party company to gather the data for you. With an API solution, you can integrate a records database right into your own software and perform any searches you need in-house. This saves you time and money by allowing you to avoid switching back and forth between different software or hiring with a third-party company altogether – streamlining your workflow and allowing you to use your own processes.

Whether you want an easier and quicker way to perform ID verification or have peace of mind with ongoing monitoring in your own business, or you simply want to make your-day-day routine more efficient, an API custom solution is here to help. Interested in seeing how you can benefit from integrating a public and private records database with your own software via API? Try Tracers today.

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