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Public Assistance Fraud Prevention Software

Enhance Your Public Assistance Fraud Prevention Strategies With Tracers

Many politicians make a lot of fuss about public assistance fraud. Although there are business-like strategies you can use for public assistance fraud prevention, the fact of the matter is that in many cases, public assistance fraud prevention is more of a community-based effort than a strict method of means testing. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your public assistance fraud numbers, no matter what they might be right now, you can use a combination of community efforts and public records search engine tools through Tracers to do it.

Spend Less Time On Public Assistance Fraud Prevention

Although it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes spending less time on public assistance fraud prevention can be helpful in reducing it. Think about it: do you really need to put working hours behind investigating every case that seems potentially fraudulent? That is just wasting your employees’ time.

Instead, what you can do is set up automatic filters through Tracers that scan all the public assistance applications your city receives. That way, instead of investigating every case, you can only investigate cases that are much more likely to have fraudulent backgrounds.

Understand the Socioeconomic Causes Behind Fraud

Understanding fraud in the public sector is crucial to being able to stop it. After all, public assistance fraud prevention is already very uncommon, and for the most part, it’s something that happens because of a pre-existing issue, most commonly low socioeconomic status.

When you’re able to use Tracers to learn more about all the people that are enrolled with your public assistance programs, you’ll be able to understand some common denominators in fraud. With this, it’s easier to understand why people commit public assistance fraud, which can help you mount community-based programs to fight it.

Search With Your Preferred Methods

There are a number of methods you can use to search for information. This is true no matter what source of information you use, from Tracers to any other sort of information database. With Tracers, it’s easier to gather information because there are three methods of searching you can utilize:

These three methods of searching all work best for different opportunities. For example, a larger government organization might want to use batch processing. However, if you’re setting up an automatic screening system, you’ll probably want to incorporate the searching process into your system using an API.

Maximize Your Outreach Programs

In many cases, you can reduce fraud in programs by expanding them. After all, most people don’t commit fraud just because they enjoy it; they often commit fraud because they need additional help, but the current system isn’t set up to help them wherever they’re at. Tailoring your outreach programs to your community will help you reduce your fraud levels.

Outreach programs can’t be cookie-cutter. You can’t use public assistance programs that are exactly the same in California as they are in Maine. Instead, you can use Tracers’ tools to learn more about your community, then craft a public outreach program that will work well for your individual, unique community.

Make Your Public Assistance Programs Safer and More Effective

It’s common for public assistance programs to have a low reputation, often because they have limited budgets, so they have low-quality options. However, if you choose to try out Tracers for your public assistance fraud prevention and other outreach programs, you can turn that reputation around.

Because Tracers has value for all industries, not just the public sphere, it’s a high-quality software that does exactly what you want it to do. On the other hand, it’s also easy to adapt it to your individualized budget. No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish with your public assistance programs, it’s possible for you to do it in a more cost-effective and safe manner with Tracers.

"Before Tracers, I had to log in at a desktop to obtain investigative data. Now I can log on anywhere I can get internet. Many times investigators are doing surveillance away from their desktops and they can use their phones to perform searches."

Mark Jenkins
Department of Veteran Affairs

How Can Tracers Help Government Agencies Overall?

Government agencies have plenty of jobs to do, not just public assistance fraud prevention. In fact, on the flip side, government agencies are also responsible for making sure that people get the public assistance they need. When you’re able to reduce the amount of time you spend on public assistance fraud prevention, you can focus that time on benefitting your residents instead.

When it comes to doing the best for your residents, it’s important to note that there are many methods you can and must use to make things better for them. Tracers’ tools are a small but important part of the push for quality and diligence.

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