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 Criminal Defense Law Software

Data and research to back your criminal defense law practice

Criminal defense law can have incredibly high stakes. If you’re a legal professional who practices criminal defense law, you may be trying to help ease sentences that otherwise could keep someone in prison for their whole life. Whether you’re working in high-profile cases, low-profile cases, or somewhere in the middle, getting information with a public and private records search engine is an extremely important part of clearing your client’s name. Here’s how a legal research software can help you practice criminal defense law.

Research your client with a software for criminal attorneys

When you first take on a client in criminal defense law, you need to know everything about that client’s background and history. Although you want to believe your client will give you the information you’re looking for, you can’t always just blindly trust that your client will be honest. Instead, you can do that research on your own, utilizing a public records search engine to perform a background investigation and mitigate your risk of overlooking some information.

  • Taking on a client should be a fairly in-depth process, and you need to know a lot about that person’s background.
  • It’s often a bad idea to just take your client’s word for granted, especially when it comes to their background.
  • Get information from your client, then double-check it with a public records search engine for best results.

Get a criminal defense law firm software to help negotiate with prosecutors

One important part of criminal defense is negotiating with prosecutors. If you don’t believe you’ll be able to win a case, you may be able to go directly to the prosecutors and work out a deal in exchange for not having to go to court. However, if you want to negotiate with prosecutors in the best way possible, you’re going to need information that proves it would be more beneficial to settle out of court than drag the case out. You can get that information through a public records search engine that provides powerful searches and reports.

  • Negotiating with prosecutors is an important part of trying to get a better sentence for your client.
  • If you have information that proves a court fight would be difficult, you can use it to shift things in your favor.
  • Whenever you need extra information about another person, you can get that information through a public records search engine.

Examine witnesses with a criminal law software

Whether you’re choosing witnesses or you’re looking at witnesses the prosecutors are hoping to call, examining witnesses is an important part of criminal defense. You want to be able to refute the prosecution’s witnesses while also only calling witnesses you hope the prosecution won’t be able to refute. That often requires doing some deep dives into the background of your witnesses, which you can do through a public search engine.

  • When prosecutors call witnesses, you want to call into question as much of these witnesses’ statements as you can.
  • When you call witnesses, you want to make sure you’re only calling people the prosecution can’t cast doubt on.
  • Digging up the dirt on a witness is much easier if you run witnesses through batch processing on a public search engine.

Use a software for criminal attorneys to expand your understanding of the case

In any criminal defense law case, there are going to be a number of different factors playing into the case. Understanding more about those factors can be extremely important to helping the person you’re working for. Your understanding of a case might not be as thorough as you think it is. Investigating the case and skip tracing with a public records search engine to locate and gather information about the people surrounding the case can help you more fully understand the case.

  • Every case has a number of factors surrounding it that completely change the way the case appears.
  • When you’re able to get more information about the people in a case, you may be able to understand it better.
  • With access to resources through a public records search engine, you can redefine the case for yourself.

Make your criminal defense more successful with Tracers

When you practice criminal defense law, you’re directly impacting many people’s lives. Criminal defense law can be a difficult endeavor, and putting your skills to work requires that you have not only a lot of skill in this area of law, but also a lot of information about a lot of people. Tracers data can help you get that information

You can use Tracers data to keep people safe and set the record straight. Whether you’re trying to clear your client’s name altogether or you’re just trying to argue for a lower sentence, you can utilize over 42 billion records from a variety of sources to do so. Stay up to date and learn more about your clients with Tracers.

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