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Locate Witnesses

Locate Witnesses and Other Individuals for Your Cases

When you need to locate a witness, there are many things you need to think about before you start. Some witnesses can be fairly easy to locate — if you’re looking for a witness for an immigration law case, for example, the individual you’re working for may have direct contact information. However, what if you’re looking for a witness to testify against someone or you want to send a restraining order in a civil court case? These people can be much more difficult to find. Here are a few reasons a legal research software with public records search could hold the answer.

Locating an Individual to Contact

Ideally, you would want to contact the individual you’re looking for directly. This is the best way to learn more about the person in question. Plus, it gives you a chance to personally talk to that person and let them know what you’re trying to accomplish. The location process can be much easier if you’re able to level with the person you’re trying to trace and let them know it’ll just be easier if they cooperate with your efforts.

  • The most ideal situation is locating an individual directly, and you need to have expansive information to do that.
  • Having a conversation with the witness you’re trying to contact can sometimes work wonders for the rest of your case.
  • Getting that expansive, up-to-date information will let you know where to go to talk to someone directly.

Discovering Spouses, Partners and Other Family Members

If you’re not able to find the person directly, the next best thing is to talk to that person’s relatives. That can include a spouse, an unmarried partner, parents, children, siblings and even more extended relationships like grandparents and business partners. These relatives or associates may have additional knowledge regarding the person’s location or contact information, which can help you determine where you need to go to get in contact.

  • First-degree relatives can give you insight into someone’s current or past locations and contact information.
  • These relatives can be crucial when it comes to locating a person, especially if that person’s intentionally on the run.
  • An updated public records search engine will help you get plenty of information about someone’s relatives.

Extrapolating to Potential Future Locations

In some cases, it’s not enough to just have an idea of where someone is right now. If you’re dealing with an especially crafty individual, it’s possible for that person to constantly be moving around and changing their contact location to avoid you. If you have enough information, it’s possible for you to make educated guesses regarding not only where the person is right now, but also where the person might go in the future. That makes it even easier to contact the individual.

  • Being able to guess where someone’s going to go next can make it easier to find and contact them.
  • You need plenty of background information on a person if you’re going to try and make predictions about that person’s next move.
  • Public records search engines that stay active and up-to-date will give you the information you need to do just that.

Doing All Your Research In-House

There are many ways to perform skip tracing. Some companies hire licensed investigators to perform skip tracing services because these investigators tend to have more tools available, making skip tracing easier. However, this is more expensive, takes longer, and can sometimes be even less effective because the third-party investigators don’t have the information you have. If you’re able to draw on a highly active public records search engine and use skip tracing software, you can do it yourself.

  • Licensed investigators tend to be more effective than in-home research because they have more tools.
  • With the right tools, you can level the playing field and do your own investigations, cutting down on cost and time.
  • A high-quality public records search engine is exactly what you need to be able to perform investigations in-house.

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How Do You Locate People in the Quickest and Most Cost-Effective Manner?

Whether you’re looking for a witness, a debtor or a criminal, you need to locate that person before you can proceed with the next steps of the case. Skip tracing is difficult, but with the right tools, you can do it right.

Tracers data helps you find information about people. This information is nearly boundless: residential and business addresses, address history stretching back decades, landline and cell phone numbers, relatives and more. If you’re looking to keep your clients safe and happy, Tracers data is exactly the thing you need.

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