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Immigration describes the process that someone takes to move from one country into another. In the United States, it’s a very complicated process that takes a very long time and requires a lot of forms. Because this complicated process can result in removal from the United States if you do it wrong, many people choose to rely on an attorney to handle it for them. Could a public records search engine complete your legal research software?

Verifying a Client’s Background Information

You want to be able to trust that what a client’s telling you is true, but it’s always important that you verify information through a third source. Occasionally, clients will lie or just genuinely get details incorrect. It’s up to you to catch those problems before the government does because then you’ll be able to fix them. You can do that research with public records search engine.

  • Most of the time, the information a client provides to you is the truth, but you should always verify it first.
  • If you take the time to verify clients’ background information, you’ll be able to catch problems before they develop.
  • When you utilize a public records search engine, you can more easily do that for every client.

Helping a Client Find Family Members in the United States

There are two primary modes of immigration: family-based and work-based. Work-based immigration is typically temporary; a company sponsors an individual for a short time. Family-based immigration, similar to family law however, is typically permanent. If a client has family members who already live in the United States, but they’re unable to get in contact with those family members, you can use a public records search engine to find contact information and get the process started.

  • If someone’s interested in moving to the United States permanently, they may be looking into family-based immigration.
  • Getting in contact with family members who can sponsor someone is an important part of the moving process.
  • By using a People Search from a public records search engine, you’ll be able to uncover contact information for people living in America.

Uncovering Incorrect Information in Official Records

Of course, when the government does its own research into someone’s background, it’s going to use information from official records. If those official records contain untrue information, like still showing criminal information that’s supposed to be wiped from the record, it’s possible to have your client denied unfairly. A public records search engine can help you find that information early so you can put in a request to correct it.

  • Incorrect information isn’t common in official records, but it does happen every so often.
  • You should always try to catch that information before it negatively impacts your client so you can put in a correction.
  • Doing your own research through a public records search engine is a good way to catch it.

Identifying Information You May Need to Put On Forms

There’s a lot of information you’ll need to put on various forms. That information is easy to lose track of. For example, you might have to find information about someone’s previous residences, including when they moved in and out of each one. Instead of having to scramble to find that information, you might be able to use a public records search engine to see the dates a person changed their address.

  • The various forms required for immigration require a lot of information, including information you might not have.
  • Even information you currently have could get lost, or it could be hard to keep track of it all.
  • Instead of just making an educated guess or waiting on a response from the client, public records could help you find information.

"We just got suspect on his warrant that we looked up earlier with the good address Tracers had for us.”

 Jeremiah J.
Canandaigua, NY

Could Tracers Help Your Immigration Law Firm Handle More Cases?

Overall, one of the biggest drawbacks of immigration law is that it takes a lot of time. Not only do you have to factor in the time you spend filling out forms and getting information from the client, but you also have to factor in the time you spend researching any other information you can’t get from the client. Tracers helps you cut down on that busywork.

You can use over 42 billion records at Tracers, covering millions of American adults, to uncover more information in an easier manner. You can even set up an API to help you find information in a way that works more easily for you. Overall, Tracers provides your firm with the tools you need to help more people gain legal status in the United States.

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