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Incarcerated Inmate Search & Monitoring

Up-to-Date Incarceration Search & Alerts

A real-time incarcerated inmate search is a great tool to help you maintain your company’s safety and security because they can give you some insight into people who are in prison right now, as well as provide continuous monitoring for future arrests. With an incarcerated person search, you may even be able to see whether certain people are in prison and haven’t told you. Here’s how Tracers real-time incarcerated inmate search and Crim Watch tool can be a great addition to your company’s due diligence.

Incarcerated Inmate Search Covering the Majority of the Prison Population

When you’re doing searches on incarceration records, it’s extremely important to get records that include the people you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter how well-laid-out the website is, how quick the searches are, or what type of variety the company provides. If you’re not able to get the right up-to-date records, you’re not going to be able to use them.

Tracers’ Crim Watch and real-time incarceration search tools include 85% of real-time incarceration records in the United States. When you search through Tracers, you can take advantage of over 160 million booking records from over 2,800 sources. That means you’re much more likely to find records for the people you’re looking for.

Incarceration Inmate Search With Real-Time Monitoring

What do you need to know about people? There are many different things you might want to know about someone to keep your company safe. Finding the right pieces of information is crucial; after all, if you’re managing customer and vendor risk assessment software, for example, you’re going to need very specific types of information, and it’s important to gather that information.

Regardless of which types of information you’re looking for, Tracers may be able to help you connect to it with Crim Watch – a real-time incarceration inmate monitoring tool that send text or email alerts when anyone you’re monitoring is arrested. In its generalized people search options, Tracers includes a huge variety of information. You may also be able to find information on the incarcerated person’s name, date of birth and more.

Constantly Updated Incarceration Records

Even if you have a source that has a lot of records for a lot of people, these records become less helpful if they’re out of date. That’s because with out-of-date incarceration records, you’re not getting the same types of information. Essentially, you’ll know that the person in question was in an incarceration center at some point, but not anything more, making it closer to a criminal records search.

Instead, it’s a good idea to look for a source that has real-time incarceration updates. Tracers adds around a million records every month. That means you’ll be able to know more about whether someone is currently in a prison facility or not. This up-to-date nature makes it easier to maintain your incarceration records searching process.

Keep Your Company and the People Close to You Safe

At the end of the day, you’re probably using this information to keep your company safe. However, it’s not just about avoiding harm to your company. It’s also about avoiding harm to real people. There are many reasons someone might have a criminal record, and some are more harmful than others. However, it’s crucial to use this information to keep your company safe.

There are many ways you can use this information to keep people safe. For example, you can use it to screen potential vendors or make sure someone hasn’t lied on an application. With Crim Watch, you can see current employees or other partners who have recently been arrested but haven’t disclosed that information. The best way to learn more about how you can use Crim Watch to keep your company safe is to sign up for Tracers today and start using the tools yourself.

Understand More About Criminal Records With Tracers

Criminal records encompass a wide variety of options. When you’re looking into criminal records, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to use them for your company’s benefit. Are you trying to locate witnesses? Are you just trying to make your workplace safer? Regardless of why you’re hoping to be able to use criminal records, a real time incarcerated inmate search and Crim Watch tool can be an effective one to dig up those records.

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