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Personal Injury Law Software

Bolster your personal injury investigations with public records

Personal injury cases are oftentimes very highly fraught with emotion. That in and of itself can make it difficult to handle these cases, but another thing these cases tend to require is a significant amount of research. If you’re a legal professional who regularly handles personal injury cases, you probably know how much time and effort goes into each case. With a public records search engine, you might be able to cut down on that time and effort. Here’s how.

Choose the right expert witnesses with the best personal injury law firm software

Witnesses can make or break a case, and nowhere is that more evident than with personal injury cases. These cases can rely heavily on expert witnesses, who often explain the extent of an injury, the disabling nature of an injury, and whether or not a company or individual was responsible.

  • When you’re locating witnesses and choosing them, you want to make sure you’re only choosing the best so you can maximize your chances of winning.
  • Because your case will probably rely relatively heavily on expert witnesses, you should perform a background investigation on the witness.
  • A public records search engine will be able to help you understand more about any expert witnesses you call.

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Use a personal injury software to look through social media

It’s becoming more common recently to use social media in court cases, especially as supporting evidence. For example, you may need to verify someone’s location at a certain time, note when they let the general public know about their injury, or see what they’ve said about their injury since it happened. With the right public records search engine, you can look through these social media search appearances more easily.

  • Social media is an important part of most people’s lives nowadays, and that’s why it’s becoming more common in court.
  • You can glean a lot of information, both official and unofficial, from an individual’s social media presence and posts.
  • Getting a good snapshot of a person’s existence online using a public records search engine can help you understand them more in real life.

Get a pi research software to identify business information

If you’re representing someone who’s suing a business, you should make sure you’re knowledgeable about that business. Businesses utilize different tactics than individuals for identity verification and authentication, and they often have the money and resources to hire more legal representation than an individual does. That’s why you need to use your resources wisely, which may mean utilizing a public records search engine to gain information about the business your client is suing.

  • Getting more information about a business should be an important part of the research you’re doing for your case.
  • When you have lots of information about a business, you’re more likely to know how they’ll respond to your client’s claims.
  • The best way to get business information may be to use a public records search engine for your research.

Perform due diligence for your clients with a software for personal injury attorneys

When you decide to take on a client, you’re considering a lot of factors. For example, you might consider what the person’s injury is, the extent of the injury, whether the person is suing a company or an individual, and the person’s background. Performing due diligence can be difficult if you don’t have easy access to all of them at once. When you want to evaluate a client to see how much research that client will need, you should use a public records search engine.

  • Evaluating a client is an important part of preparing the case strategy you’ll end up building with that client.
  • There are many things you might need to evaluate when you’re considering a potential client’s case.
  • You can use a public records search engine to run a quick Comprehensive Profile report and get the basic information to put yourself (and your client) in a position to win.

What can Tracers offer in personal injury investigations?

Clearly, there are many benefits to using a public records search engine for your personal injury investigations. However, it’s not just enough to have a public records search engine. You have to have a search engine that works well, offers expansive access to records, and helps you connect the pieces of the puzzle. Tracers does exactly that.

When you use Tracers for your personal injury investigations, you’ll be able to perform quick, expansive searches with just a few clicks. It can help you do almost everything, from managing corporate risk to skip tracing, and it does so by drawing on over 42 billion records. It’s a great way to bolster your cases.

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For information about how we collect, store and use your personal data, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.