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Daniel F.

Overall: Great. I have not struck out yet on finding someone or learning what I considered critical or necessary information and not some random information anyone can find using google. It is very deep and very solid. I will continue to subscribe at the negotiated package price. This is a superb program we use consistently to locate parties, witnesses, assets, or other litigation-related needs. It is easy to use and you can negotiate a package price to meet your budget. you can do a surface barebone search or an in-depth search that will include local neighbors, local family, work, criminal, bankruptcy, judgments, liens, etc. I don't know what we would do without it and you can track and charge it by the case making it a recoverable expense. The staff understood it quickly and can grab the reports for me.

Marc M.

Tracers has always answered their phone when I call and needing an answer to a question or just resting my password. I am always able to get through and not having to wait because they are to busy. Software helps us in our daily jobs to locate and find up to date information to find individuals for our clients.

Vicki S.

They listen to their customers. They've adopted several of my suggestions. Customer service is very friendly and helpful, even reaching out to me with suggestions. Any problems are handled quickly and professionally. You're dealing with a company that cares about you, not a giant corporation, to whom you're not a priority. Lots of information for your $. It's not always needed, but if you're working on a tough case it can be a goldmine. Once I was trying to locate a high profile fraudster that everyone, including some governmental agencies, was trying to find. Through a single bit of data from Tracers I found him off-grid in a yurt in the AZ desert. I'm well known for being able to do the toughest locates, including homeless people. I also do a lot of high-end fraud and hidden asset cases. While I do use other databases and information sources, Tracers is always where I start. Often, it's all I need. I've used a number of other databases, but Tracers provides the most information overall. Occasionally you'll get a false positive, but I think that's better than a missed positive. If you want only the simplest, surface results, it may not be for you. If you want every possible chance to get a good result, definitely check it out.

Michael P.

I'm a criminal defense and military law private investigator. I've worked with Tracers going on 14 years. The organization is always responsive to my research needs. That makes my work easier and extremely productive. My most recent experience with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], in customer service, was excellent on many levels. She is professional, knowledgeable of the depth and breadth of the services and their intricacies, and made me felt important with her care and concern taking time to answer all of my questions and providing solutions for optimal results. Because of Tracers' services, my attorney clients approach me for their difficult cases that other investigators are unable to handle and bring the needed results I can provide. I'm grateful for the business and partnership relationship Tracers gives me for my continuing success. The data research and information provided is extensive. It penetrates deep into unique sources giving me information rarely found elsewhere. The fees are reasonable and help me to keep my investigation fees affordable for clients and defendants with limited resources. Tracers has contributed to my success helping my clientele attain their goals and missions.

Jennifer M.

Always satisfied.

Kathy H.

I find them very helpful when I call to ask questions. The staff are very accommodating and helpful and pleasant to deal with. The wait time if minimal if any. They are patient and are willing to take the time to answer questions in layman's terms to make the system very user friendly. It encompasses so many facets of what is needed to "connect the dots" and do full backgrounds on individuals and explore other avenues to to provide a very detailed product to my clients.

Jonathan C.

The support is very good, they are able to answer the difficult questions with solutions. This product is easy to use, and has features that others do not have.

Ken G.

Always available to answer any questions. Easy to use...they always contact me when I have questions.

Bill N.

They are always there to help. When having a problem a phone call to office is all it takes to get professional and complete help!

Diane H.

I have had great luck tracking down locations of beneficiaries of estates. The searches I did gave me what appeared to be very thorough information.

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