Customer and Vendor Risk Assessment Software

#1 Customer and vendor risk assessment software

There’s inherent risk in every business, which means risk assessment is important for any organization, whether it’s financial or not. However, the financial services sector may be required to perform risk assessment to stick to various government risk and compliance requirements. From screening watchlists to conducting background investigations, Tracers provides the best risk assessment tools for any organization.

Use a third-party vendor risk management software to keep assessment in-house

Whenever possible, you should keep your risk management processes in-house. In-house risk assessment is easier than outsourcing risk assessment because you already have the information you need for risk scoring.

Usually, financial organizations outsource their customer and vendor risk assessment because they don’t have tools to do it themselves. However, Tracers provides the tools you need to Know Your Customer, conduct due diligence investigations, and perform a complete assessment.

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Track all your customer and vendor relationships with vendor risk management tools

Tracking customer and vendor performance and relationships will provide insight into their value and interactions with your company. If you understand more about your customers and third-party vendors, you can reach out to them more effectively.

When you track relationships and personally communicate with customers and third-party vendors, you’ll build stronger relationships. This helps ensure that both customers and vendors want to work with your company. To manage vendors and maintain strong relationships, use the tools in a a public and private records database.

Gather information with third-party risk tools in your preferred way

There are many methods of gathering information. If you want to gather for party risk management, you’ll want a method that fits the structure of your company. To help companies with customer and vendor due diligence and performance management, Tracers offers three different options for searching:

Customer and vendor risk assessment will vary widely between different companies.  A company that handles thousands of orders every day should use different methods than one that only handles a few orders. Tracers allows you to choose which tools work best for your business and customize them to fit your needs. With multiple options, you can easily incorporate them into your own risk assessment processes.

Perform a records search with a vendor risk assessment software to identify individuals that may require manual review

Automatic risk assessment isn’t going to give you all the tools you need to manage third party and customer risk. It can help you understand who is high risk, but you can’t rely exclusively on automatic risk assessment tools.

Ideally, your third-party risk management tools should be only one part of your customer and third party risk program. When you encounter potential risk in your organization, you should conduct a manual review. To uncover risks and make informed decisions about manual reviews, use a vendor risk assessment software.

Get risk assessment software tools to fight fraud and corruption

Ultimately, your risk assessment tools should be an important part of fighting fraud and corruption in your company. After all, fraud and corruption can be a significant place where your company can lose money. If you’re able to reduce fraud and corruption, you’ll reduce your business’s overall loss and increase your profits. 

Reducing fraud and corruption increases profits both in the short term and in the long term. When your customers and vendors feel safe at your business, they’ll be more likely to stay long term.

What industries can use third-party vendor risk software?

Many people assume customer and vendor risk assessment tools only works well for financial services. However, many industries can benefit from these tools. These are just a handful of those industries:

Of course, there are also plenty of other industries who may benefit from customer and vendor risk assessment. Regardless of your industry, you can use the best customer and vendor risk assessment tools in Tracers.

From a criminal history search to a business records search, Tracers provides reliable and comprehensive data. You can also access this data from any device, anywhere you want — making customer and vendor risk assessment easier for anyone. 

More information

What is customer and vendor risk assessment software?

Risk assessment is an important part of running any organization, whether it’s financial or not. A customer and vendor risk assessment software helps you get the information you need to keep your company safe.

Who can benefit from customer and vendor risk assessment software?

Any organization looking to reduce risk can benefit from customer and vendor risk assessment software. However, it’s particularly helpful for financial services. Financial services may be required to perform customer and vendor risk assessment, and it’s important to stick to these regulations.

What does customer and vendor risk assessment software reveal?

Customer and vendor risk assessment software reveals information, like as historical records, which can you identify potential risks. It also helps you track vendor and customer relationships in order to better handle them now and for the future.

What do I need to get started with using customer and vendor risk assessment software in my own company?

Whether you work in financial services or another industry, use a customer and vendor risk assessment software like Tracers. Tracers allows you to search through billions of records and identify areas of risk before they directly impact your company.