Healthcare Screening Solutions

Maximize the efficacy of your healthcare organization

Healthcare organizations have a lot to handle. Your organization likely handles a lot of sensitive information, which includes everything from health data to insurance information and much more. As a healthcare organization, it’s important that you keep people’s information safe and avoid fraud waste and abuse both inside and outside your organization. Here are a few ways Tracers makes it easier for you to run a more effective healthcare organization.

Verify each and every provider with healthcare screening tools

You shouldn’t focus all of your attention on patients. In fact, verifying providers over patients can be much more useful for healthcare companies because providers often treat multiple patients. When you verify providers, you’ll likely have to do much less work.

An important part of making sure providers treat patients respectfully and effectively is checking providers’ licenses. That way, you know providers are representing themselves in a genuine manner to their patients. Tracers gives you access to the provider data management you need to verify that providers have the licenses they’re claiming to have.

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Get a healthcare organization software and uncover data in whichever way you prefer

There are many ways you might want to search for data. Each business works in a different way, and it’s important that you search for data in a way that works best for your company. Tracers allows you to gain access to data through a variety of methods:

It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of searches to run per day or if you want to integrate Tracers data into your in-house search engine. Regardless of how you plan to use this data, there are a variety of ways to uncover it, and you should take advantage of them all.

Use healthcare screening to look for fraud in someone’s past

If someone’s perpetrated fraud before, there’s a decent chance they may perpetrate it again. Additionally, if someone’s had fraud investigations or convictions in their past, their method of perpetrating fraud may give you insight into the way they’re prone to perpetrating it again.

Background investigations from Tracers can give you access to information about past fraud. With that information, you may be able to fast-track investigations and determine the people who are most and least likely to perpetrate fraud in the future. Whether you’re investigating employees or patients, criminal records can help you do a better job.

Gather data from other industries

When you’re trying to bolster your work as a healthcare organization, it’s a good idea to cross-reference data through other industries. Tracers allows you to gain access to a variety of data, including data from industries such as:

These are all useful sources of data that can help you in your work. Whether you’re looking for arrest records for an employee or you’re interested in financial information for a patient, Tracers gives you access to the widest variety of data available. That can help you provide better options for patients, providers and the people you employ.

Guard against identity theft with healthcare screening tools

Identity theft can be equally detrimental to patients as to healthcare organizations. For example, if an insurance company provides a payout to someone who’s claiming the identity of an injured individual, the injured individual may never get the money they’re entitled to, which can be devastating. It’s up to you to guard against that.

Verifying a person’s identity before you authorize a procedure or payment is an important part of the healthcare process. There are many ways to verify someone’s identity. Utilizing data from Tracers can make identity verification much easier on a daily basis.

What type of information can Tracers offer your healthcare agency?

There’s plenty of information that you might want to access if you want to run your healthcare agency more effectively. You can use this information to avoid fraud inside and outside your organization. This is just a sampling of the types of information you can get through Tracers:

With this information, it’s easy to trace fraud and handle it from the ground up. It’s also easier to build solutions to fraud, so you don’t have to worry as much about potential fraud. Tracers gives you access to over 120 billion records that can help you uncover potential issues in your healthcare organization as early as possible. That can make it easier for you to run a more effective and helpful organization.