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Utility Listings Data

More Up-to-Date Data Than Traditional Credit Header Data

Utility listings data can be a powerful tool for a variety of companies. With utility bill data, you’re now going to get an even more powerful, up-to-date search every time you run a skip trace or  need information about a specific person from a public records search. Being able to see utility data — like when electricity is turned on or an internet connection is set up —  is an extremely important element of ensuring that you get the right results when trying to locate a witness or find someone. You need a very powerful people search software if you want to make sure you’re getting the right responses. 

What is Utility Data?

At its simplest, utility listings data goes over all sorts of customer data from gas, electric, phone and other utility companies. That means you can gather right party contact information (and much more) you might not be able to reach any other way.

One of the reasons utility listings data can be so effective is because it’s an extremely unique data set. Most people have to pay into one or more utility companies — it’s extremely rare for an American adult to have never paid for a utility like gas, electric, water, phone or another common utility. Because just about every American adult has utility listings data, you might be able to gather more information through that data vs credit header data.

If you are a legal professional, private investigator or work in law enforcement, you can gather more information about more people. Utility listings data gives you access to information from a variety of people, which is exactly why Tracers now includes utility data in all searches. Regardless of how you’re hoping to use the utility listings data, Tracers has you covered.

Utility Bill Data Provides More Information for Your Company to Use

When you’re investing in a people search, you want to make sure you’re investing in the best public record search software out there. What’s the point in trying to do your due diligence if you don’t know whether the information you’re getting is accurate? Powerful information is the best information for companies looking to use a people search and utility bill data provides some of the most up-to-date, and recent data available.

Utility Data Includes Information for Individuals Not in Credit Header Data

Credit header data is a great way to gather more information about a person, but this data has a crucial restriction: it’s only available for people who have a credit history. Although this does encompass most American adults, there are a number of people who don’t have an official credit history, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

What do you need to do if you’re looking to do a background investigation on the people who don’t have a credit history? Credit header data won’t be of any use to you here. However, because utility listings data tends to be more all-encompassing, it might work for you here. Tracers has added over 35 million consumers you wouldn’t have been able to reach just with credit header data.

Skip Tracing and General Contact Information Availability

Contact information is one of the things that you need the most of when you’re running a business. You may never have really thought about it, but the truth is that reaching out to people is really a balancing act. Plus, if you’re working in an industry like collections, batch skip tracing may be something you need to invest significantly in. That means having access to all sorts of contact information from a number of sources for a large number of people.

In this situation, your best option is always going to be Tracers. By providing access to billions of records covering millions of American adults, Tracers makes it even easier for companies to get in touch with the right people. You can sign up for Tracers and learn more about how Tracers can make your company even more effective than it may already be.

Best Utility Data Services With Tracers

It doesn’t take a lot to recognize that Tracers is a great way to manage your company more successfully. Whether you’re using utility listings data or you’re gathering other types of information, Tracers is a great way to get in touch with the people your company can benefit more from. Plus, Tracers makes it easy for you to use all of its tools.

There are a number of different ways you can use Tracers to maximize your company’s potential. From batch processing options to individualized searches, it’s easy to personalize Tracers to your company’s unique needs. Sign up for Tracers to make the process as easy as possible every time you need to get in touch with someone new.

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