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Data for Crime and Criminal Investigations

How to Use Data for Crime & Criminal Investigations

As a law-enforcement, your biggest task is to work against criminals who are always getting savvy every day. You also ought to evolve, and one way to do so is use the power of tech for crime prevention, detection, and resolution. Data is one of those biggest assets you have on your side in tech, but you need proper tools as well to help streamline the way you handle criminal investigations.

Public data for Crime & Criminal Investigations

We are now in the era of what has come to be known as big data. The public is generating quintillion bytes of data every day thanks to the evolution of tech and increasing popularity of tools like social media and trends like the Internet of Things (IoT). Criminals are also part of the public, and they will likely leave trails and clues in public data that come in handy in investigations. For example, if you have noticed an alarming rise in deaths from opioids abuse in your jurisdiction, you can use social data, public health records, financial transactions, and the likes to find the criminal actors behind the problem. Let us look at some of the benefits of using public data for crime and criminal investigations:

  • Expedite Identifications & Find Links- Public data can help you identify and find people of interest easily. You can use data to locate people like fugitives, suspects and witnesses, etc. You can find people of interest and discover their addresses, assets, and social connections. You can find their relatives, friends, business associates, or even crucial assets that can come in handy in the investigations.
  • Improve on your Efficiency- There is a lot of research work that goes into crime and criminal investigations, and with bespoke public data you are bound to improve your efficacy as a law enforcement agency. You will cut on the costs, time, and resources that go into investigations.
  • Solve Crime Faster- Fine-tuned public data can help you solve more cases faster. Better even, this will help you stay ahead of criminals and prevent crime before they happen.

Proper data will improve the investigative methods of your law enforcement agency, but they are some problems that often make adoption a challenge:

  • Investigators often grapple with massive amounts of public data that isn’t easy to process.
  • Public data comes from disparate sources that are often unfamiliar to investigators.

So, what’s the way around the best way to handle the growing amounts of data? Well, the solution is to use the right tools that can give you access to public data records and in-depth analytics in a way that makes consumption super easy.

Harnessing Data for Crime Investigations

Now, the best place to start improving the way you use data in your law enforcement agency is to do a quick audit. You need to know the kind of data you already have, the key pieces you are missing and how to make sense of all the data you will need to improve your investigations. You will also need to address the problem of infrastructure and resources if you are to harness data for investigations.

Again, you need the right tools that can broaden your access to critical public data. Keep in mind that public data sources are disparate and you will need to process millions or even billions of records faster. You also need tools to help your agency analyze people, and visualize complex entity connections, thus joining the dots in investigations. You should also be able to share data to facilitate an easier cross-jurisdictional collaboration with other agencies.

Talking of having the right tools by your side, this is where Tracers software comes in to help!


“Your service has made my effectiveness as a Police Investigator much better. I've been using it on a Cold Case Murder and tracking down numerous witnesses from 45 years ago, including finding a John Smith numerous states away. I LOVE IT!”

Dennis Kearns
Keego Harbor Police Dept

How can Tracers help your agency in Crime & Criminal Investigations?

Tracers software gives law enforcement agencies access to billions of public records for crime and criminal investigations. We have the public records that can help you build cases on suspects and trace convicted fugitives on the run. You can also find key information on witnesses and other persons of interest in your investigations. You will get lightning-fast searches and reports, plus you can pull up large data volumes through approaches like batch processing. This will save you a lot in the time and costs of manual searches!

We know that law enforcement officers are not data scientists. That is why we have crafted simple, user-friendly tools to help you make sense of the data you need to make your investigations faster and far more efficient!

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