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Family Law Software

Family law research software

Family law is a substantial component of the legal world in the United States. In fact, the majority of solo and small attorney groups in the United States practice family law in some context, whether it’s a small part of the business or the only thing they specialize in. If you’re a legal professional who helps individuals with family law, you may find that a public records search software can help you understand more about your work. Here are a few of the ways public records searches can help your family law firm.

Uncover hidden assets with a family law investigations software

When it comes to estate planning, constructing a divorce settlement or writing up a prenuptial agreement, you have to have all the assets on the table. The thing is, there is a substantial number of people who would rather keep these assets hidden, allowing them to take control of them behind the scenes. It’s up to you to perform an asset search and make sure you can uncover all assets, not just the ones people put on the table at the beginning of the conversation.

  • When you’re trying to discover what assets each person has, you can’t always just rely on what an individual tells you.
  • Hidden assets can make up a substantial amount of someone’s total assets.
  • If you want to make sure you have all the assets in the picture, you need to do your own research with third-party records.

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Get a family law software to create your own paper trail

A paper trail can be immeasurably helpful when it comes to family law. Sure, you might want to collect witness statements and signed affidavits, but these pieces of information don’t hold nearly as much weight as a paper trail that proves these affidavits through an unbiased third party. If you don’t already have that, you’re going to need to do the digging to create one. That’s exactly what a public records search can do for you.

  • Hard evidence is always preferable in any legal field, including the field of family law investigations.
  • If you’re missing hard evidence, it may be up to you to construct that evidence with pieces of information from various organizations.
  • With access to records from millions of sources, you can construct a trail that’s much more convincing than any witness statement.

Construct an asset list using a family law legal software

Sometimes, hidden assets aren’t your problem. Instead, you may simply be dealing with a mismanaged estate. Sometimes, this can be even worse. It’s not that someone’s intentionally hiding assets, but instead that no one even knows the full list of assets. In these cases, you’re probably going to have to go through and make that list yourself. Public records can help you uncover all the assets you need to know about.

  • It can be difficult to construct an asset list, especially if you don’t know how many assets are missing.
  • You need the most up-to-date financial and banking information so you can trace all known and potential assets from their source.
  • It’s important that you have the best resources possible to construct a full and complete asset list.

Get a family law software to discover important information about witnesses

In some family law cases, you may need to locate witnesses and call witnesses. Although this is relatively uncommon, it’s a possibility if you’re dealing with claims of abuse, manipulation or family law that crosses into criminal law. However, before you call a witness, you need to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Whether it’s your witness or your opponent’s witness, skip tracing with a public records search engine can give you an idea of what to know before letting them on the witness stand.

  • Witnesses play an important part in many family law cases, and you deserve to know who’s coming to the stand.
  • If you’re going to call a witness or talk to an opponent’s witness, you should know more about them.
  • Public records give you an important look into a witness’s history, which you need to have for a successful case.

How can you comb through relevant family law records?

When you want to learn more about asset information, you need access to a system that can handle the ever-changing background surrounding family law. Staying up to date on relevant records is an important part of understanding family law, especially if you’re looking for information on clients or opposing individuals.

That’s where Tracer’s data comes in. With this data, you can do what you need to for yourself and your clients. That may include information regarding assets and other family-related records. You can even collect information outside of family law, like risk management data and skip tracing.

Don’t get caught in a situation where you don’t have access to the right records. Use Tracer’s data for legal professionals to make sure you check and double-check anything your clients are telling you before you present it as fact.

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For information about how we collect, store and use your personal data, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.