How to Find Incarceration Records in Real-Time

Woman looking over legal records

As an attorney, a powerful criminal records search software will help you stay on top of your case in a variety of different ways, and a Real-Time Incarceration Records search may generate hits even when traditional searches yield no results. Information gleaned from this hunt through thousands of criminal justice databases across the U.S. may include mugshots, charges, booking dates, whether or … Read more

Tips on How to Get Bankruptcy Records

A stack of bankruptcy record documents on a desk with a gavel placed on top.

Going through bankruptcy is tough. People often have to sell treasured assets. There’s a mountain of paperwork to get through. And to top it off, it’s an emotional, social nightmare. Bankruptcy records are available to the public and remain on a credit file for up to 10 years. Many individuals don’t want to discuss their … Read more

Tracers Public Records Software Announces Florida Bar Member Benefit

Florida Bar Member Benefits

Florida based data company Tracers offers streamlined access to public records with new member benefit for Florida Bar members. Tallahassee, FL — Tracers, a leading data provider and trusted public records software, has become an approved member benefit provider for The Florida Bar. “We’re proud to enter into a relationship with The Florida Bar as … Read more

What is Synthetic Fraud?

what is synthetic fraud

Fraud of all types is a huge problem in the US. In 2020, there were 4.8 million reports of consumer fraud and identity theft. This type of personal fraud cost Americans over $7 billion in 2020. Why are there so many reports of fraud? Two reasons. First, there are many kinds of fraud, like consumer fraud, voter … Read more

8 Tips for Better Investigations

8 Tips for Better Investigations

The number of people working as private investigators has been growing at a rate of 2.29%. There were 93,957 people working as private investigators in 2018. In 2019, the number grew up to approximately 96,107 people. As a private investigator or detective, you can be hired by a wide variety of people and groups. Private … Read more

What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML)?

What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML)??

Financial crimes pose a huge threat to both financial institutions and their consumers, costing American individuals and businesses billions of dollars every year. While every financial crime can have devastating consequences, one of the most financial crimes is money laundering. Money laundering is the 3-step process of disguising an illegal source of money so that … Read more

What is Alternative Data?

What is Alternative Data?

There are millions of sources of data out there and many databases aggregate that data to help people in a variety of industries perform the research they need to get the job done. However, many traditional databases only pull records from banking and credit header data. But what if you need information about someone who … Read more

Public Records Lookup Tips and Techniques

Public Records Lookup Tips and Techniques

Let’s say you’re a legal professional needing to perform legal research for your case. In the past, you may have had to request records from the court or government, and then spend hours combing through those records to find information relevant to your client. Or if you work in collections or repossession, you may have … Read more