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Easy to-use, lightning fast searches

Tracers data fusion technology delivers lightning fast searches

Potential searches include, but are not limited to:

  • Web connections.
  • Incident logs.
  • DEA licenses.
  • FAA licenses.
  • Professional licenses.
  • Neighbors.
  • Roommates.
  • Relatives.
  • Other occupants.
  • Corporate records.
  • Fictitious business names.
  • Business affiliations.
  • Bankruptcies.
  • Tax liens.
  • Civil judgments.
  • Evictions.
  • Aircraft ownership.
  • Watercraft ownership.

People searches

When private investigators are trying to find people by address, you need the essential information about those individuals. Our advanced search logic offers single search or batchskiptrace to quickly sorts through billions of records to instantly bring you information about your subject, including:

  • Premium people search.
  • Birth records.
  • Death records.
  • Divorce records.
  • Marriage records.
  • SSN verifier plus.

Court searches

People Searches give you essential information about individuals. Our advanced search logic quickly sorts through billions of records to instantly bring you information about your subject, including:

Federal Docket Searches

  • All docket.
  • Appellate docket.
  • Bankruptcy docket.
  • Federal civil docket.
  • Federal criminal docket.

Criminal/Traffic Searches

  • Arrests records.
  • Criminal records.
  • Sex offender records.
  • Prohibited party/rerrorist search (OFAC).
  • Traffic records.
  • Wants and warrants.
  • Real-time incarceration.

Debt, Eviction & Foreclosure

  • Bankruptcy records.
  • Bankruptcy/lien/judgments records.
  • Eviction records.
  • Foreclosure records.
  • Tax lien records.
  • Civil judgments.

Asset searches

  • Aircraft records.
  • Vehicle ownership.
  • Vessel records.

Profile searches

  • Premium profile (i.e., comprehensive search).
  • Mini profile.
  • Neighborhood profile.
  • Criminal profile.
  • Shared residence.

Phone & email

Business Searches

  • Combined business search.
  • DBA/FBN records.
  • FEIN-Tax ID records.
  • Corporate records.
  • Workplace records.


  • DEA licenses.
  • Hunting & fishing licenses.
  • Pilots licenses.
  • Professional licenses.

Delayed Searches

  • Onsite county civil.
  • Onsite county criminal.
  • Onsite state criminal.
  • State driving records.

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