What are Identity Access Management Tools?

What are Identity Access Management Tools

As a business, you have a responsibility to not only make sure that any sensitive or high-level information you deal with is protected, but also that the services you provide are being provided to the right people. If information or services your company handles gets into the wrong people’s hands, it may not not only … Read more

What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA)?

What is the GLBA

Data is not only an incredibly powerful tool used by a wide array of industries, it’s also a necessary tool. Legal professionals, private investigators, collection agencies, corporations, financial institutions, law enforcement, and more all need data to perform certain business operations, from legal research to skiptracing to consumer due diligence and list generation. In fact,  … Read more

What is Vendor Risk Assessment?

What is Vendor Risk Assessment

As a business, you’re going to always deal with some level of risk. Essentially every party you interact with as a business — from employees to customers to third parties — brings at least some risk. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate risk in any company, you can work to reduce your overall risk with risk … Read more

How to Solve Asset Investigations

How to Solve Asset Investigations

Assets are essentially anything of value that a person, household, or business owns. Assets could be monetary (like a bank account), or they could be physical assets, like property and vehicles. Because assets are, by definition, valuable, people in all sorts of industries need to gather information on them to do their jobs. However, anyone … Read more

Risk Mitigation Tools

Risk Mitigation Tools

A key way for businesses to reduce loss and maintain strong business relationships is with risk mitigation. What is risk mitigation? Risk mitigation is when a business, whether it’s financial services, a corporation, or another industry altogether, implements policies and procedures that reduce the likelihood of risky situations occurring and decrease the severity of negative … Read more

What is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Open Source Intelligence OSINT

When you’re trying to gather information about someone for a specific purpose, such as for an investigation or a vendor risk assessment report, you want to be able to turn your information into actionable intelligence. You can gather hundreds of different pieces of information about someone for investigative research, but if none of it is … Read more

Three Tools of Criminal Investigation

Three Tools of Criminal Investigation

An investigation is a thorough, precise, and systematic attempt to uncover the truth about something or someone by gathering facts. In reality, investigations are more nuanced. There are many types, from fraud investigation and detection to insurance investigations and even general business investigations. Despite their many differences, investigations share one key similarity — they require a variety of skills and … Read more

Why Your Collections Agency Needs Batch Processing

Collections Batch Processing

If you work in an industry in which you need to run many searches and process large amounts of information, you know how tedious the process can be. No one wants to sit at a computer and run the same searches over and over and over again, especially when you could be focusing your efforts … Read more

Tracers Announces New Partnership with Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions

Tracers partnership with Allied Solutions will help credit unions, banks, and financial institutions streamline their collections and repossession processes. Brooksville, FL. Tracers, the the #1 trusted cloud-based public and private records research software, and Allied Solutions (Allied), one of the largest providers of insurance, lending and marketing products to credit unions, banks, and financial institutions … Read more