Tracers Announces New Partnership with Allied Solutions

Tracers partnership with Allied Solutions will help credit unions, banks, and financial institutions streamline their collections and repossession processes.

Brooksville, FL. Tracers, the the #1 trusted cloud-based public and private records research software, and Allied Solutions (Allied), one of the largest providers of insurance, lending and marketing products to credit unions, banks, and financial institutions in the U.S, announced they have partnered to offer an all-in-one resource for improving collections and repossession with comprehensive consumer data and delinquency management tools.

Tracers includes a wide variety of tools in their proprietary public and private records database to help financial institutions save time, cut costs, and maintain compliance throughout the entire collections cycle. To increase right-party contact with borrowers and lower overall delinquency rates, lenders can access comprehensive reports on both people and assets. Along with offering customizable searching solutions that can be tailored to fit each client’s unique needs, Tracers eases the burden of compliance by enforcing and monitoring security regulations through credentialing and other procedures.

For the past 40 years, Allied Solutions has connected financial institutions of all sizes with the most innovative products and services on the market to help clients grow their bottom line, protect both their business and consumers, and evolve to stay ahead of the competition. As a partner of Allied, Tracers provides access to their extensive database of over 42 billion records to streamline the collections cycles of users and boost revenue, while also offering flexible solutions that can grow and scale alongside the business.

“Like Allied, Tracers seeks to arm credit unions, banks, and financial institutions with the solutions they need to boost revenue and minimize risk,” said Shauna Gaus, Chief Revenue Officer of Tracers. “As a proud partner of Allied Solutions, we will offer Allied clients Tracers powerful data for efficient and effective collections and repossession tools. We look forward to working with the Allied team to find the solution that best fits their clients’ business.” 

About Tracers

For over 25 years, Tracers has empowered law enforcement, private investigators, collection professionals, financial institutions, and law firms with the comprehensive data they need to work effectively and efficiently. Tracers pioneering search technology and cutting-edge innovation offers access to billions of public records and proprietary data sources. Their hands-on approach to solving unique data requirements allows them to tailor custom solutions to fit the needs of any client. For more information, visit

About Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions, LLC is one of the largest providers of insurance, lending, and marketing products to financial institutions in the US. Allied Solutions uses technology-based products and services customized to meet the needs of 4,000 clients along with a portfolio of innovative products and services from a wide variety of providers. Allied Solutions maintains over 16 regional offices and service centers around the country and is a subsidiary of Securian Financial Group, Inc.

Here’s more information on how Tracers powerful data technology for loan monitoring helps financial institutions:

Tracers features for more effective collections and repossession

Tracers web-based functionality allows people working in financial institutions to log in from any device with internet connection and manually search for people and assets, when they need, at the speed they need to, and without paying for individual copies of records. Users can access comprehensive reports with information that helps increase right-party contact with borrowers and lower overall delinquency rates, such as addresses, phone numbers, social media reports, utility listings data, bankruptcies, liens, judgements, assets, and more. 

With Tracers batch processing options, credit unions and banks can save time and money by bulk searching thousands of records at once. Lenders can quickly gain all the information they need, like updated lists of contact information, assets, and addresses, to ensure that they maintain relationships with their customers and borrowers follow through on their payments.

Not only does Tracers provide the most comprehensive and reliable data available, they also offer API integration, which enables financial institutions who have internal software to tap directly into the Tracers database of records. API integration streamlines lenders’ workflows by allowing them to seamlessly integrate whatever data they need right into their own platform and avoid switching between different software. 

How Tracers helps financial institutions and their clients

Tracers allows credit unions, banks and financial institutions to choose exactly how many people can use the software based on their specific size and searching needs. For the most effective collections and repossession possible, you need intelligence that is both reactive and proactive, and that’s exactly what Tracers provides. Tracers reliable contact and address information helps increase initial right-party contact of borrowers, as well as make sure that borrowers follow through on their payments for lower delinquency rates overall. 

Financial institutions are particularly vulnerable to fraud, but Tracers ongoing monitoring can help with fraud prevention throughout the entire collections cycle. With ongoing monitoring, lenders can get updates on people and asset information so they can know about potential risks before fraud actually occurs.

Whatever data solutions you need to effectively and efficiently monitor loans, Tracers can provide it. Get started today.