How Family Law Firms Can Use Public Records Search Engines to Negotiate Divorce and Custody Settlements

How Family Law Firms Can Use Public Records Search Engines

Negotiating the dark waters of divorce and custody is tricky, but the right legal research software can make the difference between sailing smoothly to a resolution or getting hung up on snags and rocks. During the aura of anxiety created by the divorce drama, your client is sailing into uncharted waters, cut loose from the security of … Read more

How to Use Social Media Data in Your Firm

How to Use Social Media Data in Your Firm

The term “lawyer” is what you’re called, but you aren’t paid to simply know the law. Sure, if you have a practice, you’re probably adept in particular fields. That said, the best in their field aren’t simply legal experts. Those who win cases and have the best litigation record are firms (and individual lawyers) who bring … Read more

4 Types of Data That Will Help You Build Better Cases and Handle More Clients

4 Types of Data

We’ve all seen the movies with “legal” themes. There are so many plots where the situation seems dire, but at the very last minute, there’s an epiphany that reveals the truth. This key piece of evidence is (almost always) as easily overlooked as it is crucial to proving innocence. Sure, these scenes are overdone and … Read more

Tracers Integration Brings the Power of Public Records Search to the Clio Ecosystem

Tracers and Clio

The first public records and investigative data search firm to integrate, Tracers comprehensive search reports expedite case research for Clio users. November 6, 2019 BROOKSVILLE, Fla.—Tracers, a leading data provider for professional public records searches, announced their integration partnership with industry leader Clio, the leading provider of cloud-based law firm management software. The connection between the … Read more

Casemaker Announces Partnership with Tracers

Tracers + Casemaker

Subscribers gain access to more than 42B public records July 23, 2019 CHARLOTTESVILLE, Vir. & BROOKSVILLE, Fla.–Casemaker today announced that users of its new Casemaker4 legal research system may now access more than 42 billion searchable public records on Tracers, a leading public records platform, at a special discounted price. “We are delighted to partner … Read more

Casetext and Tracers Announce Strategic Partnership

Tracers Casetext Integration

Public records and legal research companies join forces to deliver expanded search capabilities. July 9, 2019 BROOKSVILLE, Fla. & SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.—Casetext, the leader in modern legal research solutions, and Tracers, one of the leading data providers for professional public records searches, announced a new strategic partnership to provide cost-effective investigative resources for lawyers and law … Read more

How Small Firms Can Win with Data

Small firms are fighting an uphill battle in the modern law environment. While a solo practice provides the possibility of more freedom and autonomy, it also comes with downsides. The small firm simply doesn’t have the resources of a large firm, which puts more work on the attorney. Studies estimate that over 40% of a lawyer’s … Read more