Free Webinar: 5 Tips to Eliminate​ Surprises in Your Cases

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When it comes to law, information is power. If you’re a legal professional, you need to walk into the courtroom knowing all the facts about the case so that there are no surprises later on. But finding all the facts, especially with billions of different records out there, is no easy task. 

In this webinar, “5 Tips to Eliminate Surprises in Your Cases,” Tracers VP of Marketing Chad Sands, PracticePanther Head of Sales Sam Alkoubey, and investigative search specialist Wendy Nestrud share five tips for using a legal research software like Tracers to gather comprehensive data quickly and efficiently, with real-life examples for your own cases, and demonstrate how a practice management software like PracticePanther can help you save time and cut costs. 

Tips on finding people (8:51)

From finding witnesses to investigating businesses to building relationships, there are many instances in which attorneys need to find people for a case. But what happens if someone doesn’t want to be found or address records are outdated? Learn how a Basic People Search in Tracers helps you skip trace and get updated contact information about any person involved in your case and their connections, including family members and business associates. 

Tips for better due diligence (10:31)

Doing your due diligence involves uncovering everything that matters about both your client and your opposition. Whether it’s in personal injury lawfamily lawcriminal law, and more, you want a full picture of the case to prepare both yourself and your client. However, it’s often the hard-to-find information that is the key to winning in court. Learn how a Comprehensive People Search allows you to perform better due diligence and hear specific use cases for this search.

Tracers demo of Basic People Search and Comprehensive People Search (12:37)

The best part of using these Tracers searches to locate people and perform better due diligence? Less is more. With just a phone number or address or whatever other piece of information you have, you can get large amounts of data about any person, including utility listings data which provides contact information for about 35 million more consumers not found in traditional credit header databases. Watch Wendy demonstrate how to perform a Basic People Search and Comprehensive People Search so you can save valuable time and get better results. 

PracticePanther reports and tags (17:36)

With the investigative tools from Tracers, you have all the data you need to locate people and perform better due diligence at your fingertips. But in order to stay at the very top of your research game, you need a way to organize and understand it. Sam demonstrates how you can use PracticePanther reports and tags to gain insight into your practice and take your legal research one step further. 

Locating assets and business information (21:01)

In family law, attorneys need a clear picture of all assets in order to deal with a divorce settlement. In business investigations, lawyers need to understand business relationships, payment behavior, principles, filings, licenses and more. The solution to both? Tracers asset search and Comprehensive Business Report. Learn how you can use these searches to locate almost any assets – even hidden ones – and uncover important business information to build a stronger case, then watch Wendy demonstrate how to do it quickly and easily with Tracers.

Set tasks on autopilot with custom workflows (25:42)

As an attorney, you may have 20 cases a month that have the same first steps going into them, such as running asset searches and finding business information. But why spend hours continuously adding these repetitive tasks to your calendar? Learn how you can use PracticePanther custom workflows to automate tasks – saving you time and improving efficiency.

Online discovery (29:21)

Social media can tell a lot about a person, and now, legal professionals can even use it for online discovery and as evidence in court. But combing through social media profiles can be a tedious task, especially with so many different channels out there. Chad and Wendy demonstrate how you can use Tracers Social Media Report to perform comprehensive online discovery in just a few seconds and discuss specific examples in which this data can strengthen your case.

PracticePanther reminders (33:47)

Lawyers are extremely busy, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Learn how you can make your day-to-day routine a little easier and ensure you and your colleagues don’t miss a beat – even on your busiest and most chaotic day – with the help of PracticePanther’s automated workflows and reminders. 

How to save time, cut costs, and avoid surprises (35:52)

With the influx of new technology, there’s no reason that as a lawyer you should be doing everything yourself. Legal technology exists to minimize time and money spent on the menial and tedious tasks so that you can focus on the areas of your practice that matter most. Chad discusses specific ways an investigative research software like Tracers enables you to direct more time and energy towards winning cases – boosting your profits and productivity in the long run. 

Staying on top of everything (38:03)

With such busy schedules and so many things to do in a day, attorneys need an easily accessible agenda in order to ensure they’re not missing any key dates or deadlines. Learn how PracticePanther’s daily agenda emails help lawyers keep a pulse on everything that’s been completed and ensure they’re always on top of their game.

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