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Tracers Ernie the Attorney Podcast

“Ernie the Attorney” knows legal.

With years of experience helping law firms move to a paperless office and coaching attorneys to become more successful, Ernie Svenson has established himself as one of the leaders in legal tech. His weekly podcast, “Law Firm Autopilot” features interviews with a variety of people across the legal spectrum.

In this episode “Specialized search tools for lawyers,” Ernie sits down with Tracers’ President Erik Pickering to discuss how Tracers is helping attorneys and small law firms complete their legal research software suite with public and private records search. Listen to learn about:

  • The difference between public and regulated data records
  • The “secret sauce” that powers Tracers proprietary search tools
  • How information is power (and how to get it)
  • Much more!

Listen to the Tracers “Law Firm Autopilot” Podcast.



Show Notes

In this episode, you’ll meet Erik Pickering, whose company (Tracers) helps lawyers and investigators turn up vital information that’s often indispensable to the outcome of cases. From doing social media research about jurors or witnesses to finding missing witnesses or missing heirs in probate matters, Tracers is a service that can probably help you more than you might imagine.

Investigative Data for Law Firms - Free CLE

Research is a critical part of practicing law, most importantly finding accurate information as quickly as possible. Watch this free, on-demand CLE Webinar on "How to Ethically Use Public Records Data for Case Research."

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