What Is a Hidden Asset Search?

You can’t always just rely on the idea that someone will disclose all of their assets to you. Legal professionals often know that the other party in a legal dispute may avoid talking about certain assets. Sometimes you have to go through with an asset search and see whether there are some assets they haven’t told you … Read more

What Is Vendor Risk Management Software?

what is vendor risk management

Vendor risk management is something many corporations have to deal with. Active risk management software often requires vendor risk management as well as customer risk management, which is exactly why you need to incorporate customer and vendor risk assessment software into your practice. When you do it properly, you may be able to create a vendor risk … Read more

What Is Skip Trace for Collections?

what is skip tracing for collections

Skip tracing and batch skip tracing has a variety of uses. From real estate skip tracing to skip tracing for criminal investigations, it’s important that you’re able to manage your skip tracing needs as easily as you can. However, for many people, skip tracing services just aren’t easily available enough. You may assume that only investigators have access to skip tracing software. As … Read more

What Is Investigation Software?

What is Investigation Software

Many organizations have a reason to run investigations from time to time. From general investigations surrounding the entire organization to more specific investigations through groups like government agencies, an investigation can be important for running your business. However, without business investigations software, you might not be able to perform an investigation properly. Here’s what you need … Read more

What Is Batch Processing?

Batch processing or batch skip tracing is one of the best ways you can run through lots of searches in a very short period of time. If you do one search at a time, your searching could take many hours. However, if you run all these searches at once with batch processing data solutions, you can significantly shorten … Read more

What Is Big Data Analytics?

What is Big Data Analytics

Whenever you have a lot of data to comb through, you may want to use big data analytics processes to understand that data more effectively. There are a lot of ways to make your big data analytics processes more useful because handling all that data isn’t always easy. However, to utilize big data analytics more … Read more

What Is Identity Management Software?

An identity management system is something your business needs to have, regardless of its industry or anything else. With identity management software, you can make sure everyone is who they say they are. This includes people who are requesting access to certain types of risky information, which may occur with structures like health care member identity … Read more

What Is a People Search Service?

What is a People Search Service

Between phone appends and address history searches, a people search service is the best way to find out more about your users, customers and vendors. Here’s everything you should know about using a people search service. What is a people search service? In simplest terms, a people search service helps you find more information about people. For example, … Read more

What Is a People Search API?

What is a People Search API

A people search API is a great way to access a different company’s people search functionality from your own system. An API makes it easier for developers to integrate another company’s tools into their own framework.  This means when you use the tools from a people search API, you can run a real people search … Read more

What Is Fast Batch Processing?

What is Fast Batch Processing

Batch processing, (similar to batch skip tracing) refers to any way you might process a large amount of data. When it comes to information about people, batch processing typically refers to any method of data building where you put in a list of individuals, then receive the same list with added data. However, batch processing can be … Read more