What Is a Hidden Asset Search?

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You can’t always just rely on the idea that someone will disclose all of their assets to you. Legal professionals often know that the other party in a legal dispute may avoid talking about certain assets. Sometimes you have to go through with an asset search and see whether there are some assets they haven’t told you about. If you need to find someone’s assets, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. An asset search online makes asset searches more accessible and generally easier. Here’s how you can use asset search software in your work.

A hidden asset search is basically what the name sounds like. When you run a hidden asset search, you’re looking for any assets that one party has hidden. This most frequently comes up in the area of family law, and especially during a divorce. If the divorced couple will split their current ownings 50/50, the wealthier partner may try to hide some of their assets so they don’t have to split those things.

However, when you’re able to use asset search software, you can go through the records and make sure you know what assets the couple may have to split. There are many legal routes for you to utilize. You might be able to look at legal records like driving records, licenses for flight and boating, and property records.

A hidden asset search is a great tool for many legal professionals because of the many uses of assets in legal cases. For example, in real estate law, you may need an asset search for certain property ownership questions. In estate planning and probate law, you’ll need to make sure you know about all of someone’s assets before you start distributing them.

However, legal professionals aren’t the only ones who can find use from asset search services. Investigators performing asset recovery may need an asset search. Law enforcement officials handling a criminal investigation may need an asset search. Essentially, if you need to be thorough about your knowledge of someone’s assets, you may want to try a hidden asset search.

What does a hidden asset search reveal?

There are a number of things you may be able to find out from a hidden asset search. Obviously, you’ll get access to information about someone’s assets. This is what an asset search database can help you do on the surface. However, the benefits of asset search services actually go much deeper than just the surface.

Going further, a hidden asset search really reveals whether or not you can trust someone. If you find out that someone’s lying about their assets, it may be easier to win a civil litigation case when the defense’s argument hinges at least partially on their honesty. Hidden assets can help you win cases in many ways, not just in divorces.

How can I start using hidden asset searches?

The biggest thing keeping people from hidden asset searches typically ends up being the price barrier. An asset search cost can prevent you from using them on a regular basis. That’s why so many people end up seeking out the tools they can use to do them on their own.

An asset search database from Tracers makes it much easier to do exactly that. When you use Tracers, it’s much easier to craft asset search company software that you can use on a regular basis. Sign up for Tracers today to learn more about your hidden asset options.

A hidden asset isn’t what you want to try and find, but it is a common problem that many individuals run into during legal proceedings. No matter what practice areas you’re part of, Tracers has a number of legal research software options that may help you with your practice, including all of these and many more:

You don’t need to go to an asset search company to get all this information. All you have to do is use the asset search database from Tracers. Tracers makes it much easier to run an asset search, especially because asset searches can be an effective way to understand more about a person. Whether you’re a legal professional or a corporation, asset search services provide a great foundation to learn more.

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