Announcement: Tracers Member Benefit for NAEPC Members

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Tracers is happy to announce being an official member benefit for the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils (NAEPC). NAEPC members now receive 10% off of all Tracers investigative search services. In addition to the 10% off, your first $100 to use with Tracers is on us!

All the details, including the 10% off, $100 offer and how to get started are found right here.

If you’re a member of the NAEPC, you understand their valuable work and incredible resources in the area of estate planning. But what about Tracers?

In short, Tracers is an investigative solution with powerful legal search software for estate planners and probate lawyers. There are multiple benefits in this single solution including:

  • Excellent training and support
  • Ability to search from anywhere in the world
  • Pricing to fit firms of any size

How estate planners and probate lawyers can benefit from Tracers

Estate planning would be much easier if everyone understood the need for an updated will. Even easier by planning out the execution of all desired outcomes of their updated final will and testament. For many estate planners and probate lawyers, less-than-perfect wills or estates with no planning require a lot of leg work.

Much of the tedious digging for information is alleviated with Tracers search — especially for finding beneficiaries, uncovering assets and common probate concerns.

Find beneficiaries

Family troubles and outdated wills often create the need to do a bit of skiptracing. Sometimes the individual with the estate in question created their will years, or even decades previously. If there was a falling out somewhere in between, the person you need to contact may not be easily found.

It doesn’t take much for key beneficiaries to become hard to reach.

Tracers gives you the ability to run detailed “people searches” to find records and details for any beneficiary and have the results sorted by the most likely individuals. Data comes in from dozens of sources and multiple types including:

For estates without a will, these searches are also useful for constructing family trees in the event of contested estates, or if there was no will at all.

Further reading: Check out our full list of all available public searches and reports.

Uncover assets not previously seen

Another of the many problems an outdated will is that some assets are no longer available and others aren’t listed at all. In order to account for the entire estate, every asset needs to be found and dealt with individually.

Tracers allows legal professionals to search four types of data. And one of those is a comprehensive asset search.

Available searches include:

Resolve common probate concerns

All of the combined search power of Tracers allows for an easier probate process. Whether that means validating a messy will or creating a will with very little information to go off of, in the first place.

You can quickly find witnesses, family members and assets in seconds for every one of your probate cases.

NAEPC members are eligible for a 10% discount on all Tracers search services. Get started today and your first $100 in searches is on us!

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