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General Investigations

How to Improve General Business Investigations

There are a plethora of reasons you may need to perform a general investigation in your organization. For example, you may have found evidence of fraud, but you’re not quite sure what type of fraud you’ve uncovered. You may be uncertain whether or not someone’s breaking the law in the bookkeeping. You might just want to make sure you’re up to date on your safety protocols. No matter what the investigation is for, a public records search engine through Tracers can make it easier.

Get to the Truth in Seconds

When you’re running a general investigation, it’s crucial that you get to the truth as quickly as you can. After all, you may be dealing with a problem that, if unexposed for a long time, could evolve into a very serious concern for your company.

However, when you use Tracers tools to the best of their ability, it’s easy to see that you can get all this information as quickly as you need it. All you need to do is master the art of using the tools available through Tracers.

Uncover Information in Your Preferred Manner

Every company has systems they prefer. Some companies prefer certain types of systems, while other companies may prefer a different system. It’s important that you’re able to gather access through whichever manner you prefer. That’s why Tracers offers three methods of gathering important information:

Which method you choose relies largely on which one works best for your unique situation. For example, a company that has its own database might want to use an API solution, whereas a company that needs thousands of results per day might prefer the batch processing solution.

Find Investigative Data More Quickly and Cost-Effectively

When you’re thinking about business solutions, two concepts may come to mind: cost-effectiveness and speed. You need a business solution that delivers on both. This means you’re able to find the data you need without paying too much or having to wait for too long. Tracers splits these needs and gives you access to both.

It’s a myth that you have to pay lots of money to gain access to an accurate public records search engine. This myth is clear when you look at Tracers. Through Tracers, it’s possible to get all sorts of information for fraud investigations, general investigations, and more, all done in a method that works for your company.

Gather the Data You Need

There’s a lot of data that Tracers might be able to uncover. Much of this information could be extremely beneficial to a general investigation. Consider all these types of information about an individual:

  • Profile reports
  • Criminal records
  • Robust people searches
  • Reverse phone directory
  • State driving records
  • Comprehensive business searches
  • Debt, eviction and foreclosure reports
  • Social media searches
  • Licenses
  • Court records
  • Asset searches
  • Vehicle registrations

This is just a sampling of the data Tracers may be able to offer you. No matter what type of information you’re looking for with regard to your investigation, Tracers might be able to help you find it.

Make Your Customers and Vendors Safer

You want to make sure people are safer on all sides. This can be a difficult task. Whether it’s maximizing your company’s safety, your customers’ safety, or your vendors’ safety, you need a specific system that will make everyone in the system safer.

However, it’s important to note that only you can tell how a specific system will impact your customers. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all safety plan. Use Tracers’s tools to create a safety plan that makes everyone in the process feel safer and become safer.

"Finally a solution that makes it easier for corporate and private organizations to get to the information that they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Having used similar solutions since the very beginning of their entry into the market, I can tell you I've had the opportunity to utilize nearly all of the solutions available on the market. Simply put, Enformion has done what others have forgotten, create and deliver a solution with the end user in mind."

John C.
Security Operations Executive

What Industries Can Benefit From Tracers Investigative Tools?

A general investigation is a very broad concept for a reason. When you handle a general investigation, you’re able to maximize your investigative strategy to tailor it to whatever the current problem happens to be. That’s why so many industries can benefit from the investigative tools at Tracers. These are just some of the industries that might find Tracers useful:

With all these industries, it’s easy to see why Tracers has so many fans in the commercial world. No matter what industry you work in, Tracers may be able to make it easier for you to handle a general investigation. Consider how Tracers may be able to help you, and you’ll be able to maximize your benefits through Tracers.

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