Free Webinar: Public & Private Records Research and Compliance

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Facts matter – especially for lawyers who rely on factual data to build their cases and represent their clients. But with the seemingly endless amount of data available — from people search engines to skip tracing software — finding the right information and knowing how to use it ethically can feel overwhelming.  In this webinar, “Public & Private Records Research and Compliance” attorney Jared Correia and Tracers Product Search Specialist Wendy Nestrud discuss public records and privacy laws, different types of searches and the ethics behind them, and how records search can be applied in your legal practice. 

What is the difference between legal and fact research and why is fact research important in law? Facts allow you to understand your client, your opponent, and the state of play – giving you the upper hand in court. Learn from Jared about different types of legal research software and  how fact research can benefit your practice and the different kinds of cases in which it is used. 

Laws relating to public records and data privacy (21:41)

With the influx of information available that can help you gather data on your client, the line between privacy and public records has become blurred. Legal professionals  need to know what kinds of data is available for them to use and what is protected from the public eye. Learn about ethical data use, how different states regulate access to records, and what laws have been created to protect people’s private data. 

How do I use investigative data in my practice? (35:34)

As a lawyer, you have a right to certain data. Using that data responsibly is a little trickier – it requires you to understand the careful balancing act between privacy and public information. Luckily, Tracers is here to help you out. Jared and Wendy discuss how data companies like Tracers use credentialing and permission settings to ensure users are gathering data ethically and in compliance with the law.

Tracers searches demo and use cases (46:18)

There are billions of records out there – from utility listings data to detailed asset searches – so what kind of searches can you perform and when would you need to perform them? Learn about the kinds of data you can access, how you can use it, and how batch processing solutions or batch skip tracing can provide you with the information most relevant to your specific case. Then watch Wendy demonstrate how to use an investigative research software like Tracers to perform searches – like social media search, criminal records, and property records – to gather all the data you need quickly and efficiently so you’re the most prepared attorney you can possibly be.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a public and private records database like Tracers can help your law firm, get started to learn more.

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