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Products liability lawyers handle a variety of cases. As a lawyer working in products law investigations, you might handle injuries from a variety of products, including anything from firearms to tainted food. Handling a products liability case can be difficult; you need to make sure you’ve got all the right information to handle it correctly. With public records and the right legal research software, you can more effectively handle your law firm’s products liability cases.

Getting in touch with expert witnesses

Expert witnesses will probably be one of the most important people to get in touch with for a products law investigation. You need a witness who can confirm that a company could have taken more steps to avoid harm, but didn’t, or that a company legally needed to do something they didn’t do. A People Search from a robust background investigation software can help you get in contact with those expert witnesses.

  • Any legal case requires expert witnesses, but these witnesses are especially important in a products law investigation.
  • If you already have a database of expert witnesses, you may want to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.
  • You can utilize a public records search engine to look up all your expert witnesses and update your information.

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Identifying businesses who may be liable

The manufacturer of a specific product isn’t necessarily the only person who might be liable for injuries caused by a product. For example, you may have a case against a design company for not printing a legally mandated warning on a product, or a case against the people who supply base materials for supplying low-quality materials. If you want to get contact information for those businesses, you may be able to use a public records search engine to get in contact.

  • It’s most common for an individual to sue the manufacturer of a product for injuries that arise because of that product.
  • However, the manufacturer isn’t necessarily the only entity that could be liable for your client’s injuries or other problems.
  • As a legal expert, you should use a public records search engine to uncover contact information for other liable parties.

Researching the opposite side

When you’re considering how to approach a products law investigation, you need to put as much thought into investigating the opposing side as you do into researching your own side. It’s important that you consider what the defense team will likely bring to the table so you’re able to handle whatever the defense team ends up saying about your client. You can get that important information from public records.

  • During a products law investigation, you’re probably going to end up interacting with the defense team you’re opposing.
  • Getting lots of information about that defense team is an important part of making sure you’re prepared for the case.
  • Researching the opposite side is much easier if you’re able to rely on a public records search engine instead of information you gather personally.

Identifying a pattern of issues

One of the things you may want to do is identify a pattern of misconduct with a company or individual who might be at fault in the case. If you’re able to identify a recurring pattern of misconduct, you might have a stronger case when you then accuse a company of avoiding the rules. A good way to do that is to look at public records that may showcase previous investigations or convictions for a business or individual.

  • When you’re accusing a company or individual of criminal conduct, you need as much information as possible to back it up.
  • Identifying a pattern of the same problems in a company or individual may lend credence to your accusations.
  • With public records, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to identify that pattern, as you can look at their background more thoroughly.

Using Tracers for your products law investigations

There are many reasons you might need to use public records for products law investigations. However, you don’t just need public records; you need public records that are up to date, correct, and easily accessible. That’s where Tracers comes in, providing you with quality content you can utilize wherever and whenever you need it.

There are many areas of law that may benefit from public records. With products law investigations, you can utilize anything from API searches to batch processing to get the information you need more quickly. With over 42 billion records available covering nearly every American adult, Tracers has the tools you need.