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Elder Law Software

Public records search software with wisdom beyond your years

Elder law encompasses a huge variety of things related to elderly individuals. In some cases, law firms that work in elder law may also work in disability law, because certain aspects overlap, including Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, and long-term care planning. When you’re a legal professional working in elder law, you may need to do a lot of research on a lot of topics. With a public records search engine built for legal research, you may be able to make that research a little less time-consuming.

Use an elder law software to get information a client doesn’t have 

No matter how well-put-together an individual is, you still may run into cases where you need information the client just doesn’t have for you. This could be many different types of information — anything from dates and locations to super-intricate behind the scenes information your client may just not know. You may be able to look it up for yourself with a public records search engine.

  • There’s lots of information a client may not have, and elderly clients may be more likely to lose pieces of information.
  • Just because a client doesn’t have a piece of information doesn’t mean that information is lost to time, however.
  • Utilizing a public records search engine, you may be able to gain access to the information you’re looking for.

Contact estranged or distant family with the best legal software for trusts and elder law

Distant or estranged family members can still sometimes be an important part of a person’s life. For example, if someone has a will, but the beneficiaries haven’t talked to the individual in a long time, it may be up to you to locate the beneficiaries. You may even need to use skip tracing tools to find people who seem to have tried to move away. Reaching out to them with a public records search engine can be a useful method of contact.

  • It’s often more common for elderly people to have more estranged or distant families than younger people.
  • Finding contact information for these estranged or distant family members can be very difficult, as it’s often changed.
  • You can quickly find the right contact information by utilizing a public and private records search engine’s tools – like phone appends and address search.

Get an estate planning law software to manage wills and estates 

As a person becomes more elderly, they’re more likely to think about drawing up a will or estate. Younger people can also have wills, but elderly people are definitely the most likely to have one. You may even work entirely as an individual who executes wills. As someone in this situation, you really need to use an estate planning law software with public records search engine to screen information and find individuals.

  • Managing someone’s will or estate is a big job, and it’s one that might require outside information to do right.
  • There are many reasons you might need to reach out for additional information as an estate or will manager.
  • Whether you’re executing wills or just managing them, a public records search engine can help you do it.

Tackling elder abuse allegations with the help of an elder law software

Elder abuse is a very real and very serious problem. As individuals get older, many of them stop being able to care for themselves as effectively. This can lead to elder abuse, wherein an individual or organization doesn’t care for the elderly individual properly, and elder abuse can contribute to physical and financial ruin. If you’re going to handle elder abuse allegations, you need to use a public records search engine to research the people perpetuating it.

  • There are many places where elder abuse can arise, and those who perpetrate it deserve to face consequences.
  • Some lawyers, especially those that have a background in criminal law, can sue those accused of elder abuse.
  • Before you file a lawsuit against someone accusing them of elder abuse, make sure you do your research using public records first.

Is Tracers a good option for elder law investigations?

When you’re working in elder law, there are many potential problems you may run into. One of those problems has to do with not having the right information. Even a well-organized elderly person’s records can run dry when it comes to certain types of information. Because Tracers makes it so easy for you to handle your research, you don’t have to rely on your client for everything.

Tracers gives you the opportunity to research on your own. The company offers access to over 42 billion records covering people across the country. Whether you’re looking to handle an elder abuse case or you’re just dealing with an insurance company, Tracers has the tools you need to get the job done more easily.

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